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I have a problems with Social Welfare payments. They don't

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I have a problems with Social Welfare payments. They don't waNT to explain why they pay for me some amount of money. I am casual worker and single parent. I got very small amount of money from them. Could you explain how much should i have in my situation?
If am i eligible for rent supplement?
Thank you,
Alex Watts : Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.
Alex Watts : For now please let me know if you have appealed their decision please?

i just applyed for jobseeker in 1/08/14. From 6/08/14 i started to work in cafe shop part time.

Alex Watts : How much do you earn?

First week i worked 2 days, second week 2 days, third week 3 days. then i got cheque from Social Welfare with amount 471.90-means 75=396.90. the cheque is dating from 11/08/2014 to 02/09/2014 ( 3 weeks). Every week i should fill special paper how many days i worked per week. When i asked SW worker why is this amount i had, she said that when i am working 4 days i can not get anything, and days should be from Wednesday to Tuesday. And she can not explain why this amount o got.


I earn 90.00 for 2 days.


mines tax 83.00


I have a child and renting apartment, she said i am not qualifying for the rent supplement because i am working.

Alex Watts : Ok. The DWP should write and say how they have worked out the calculation. If you disagree with it then you are entitled to appeal.
Alex Watts : As for rent supplement you need to make a claim for Housing Benefit at the council.
Alex Watts : Again entitlement will depend on your earrings. But once again if a decision is refused or it is too low you can appeal it.
Alex Watts : The appeal goes before an independent tribunal who decides whether you or the agency are correct.
Alex Watts : There are benefit checkers and you can go online to see how much you should get
Alex Watts : These are at
Alex Watts :
Alex Watts :
Alex Watts :
Alex Watts : But if it is wrong or there is no explanation you can appeal.
Alex Watts : Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?

Can i find information on this website how much can i get from SW?

Alex Watts : I don't know because you need to work out on the benefit calculator how much you are entitled to.
Alex Watts : Use that and it will show you.

If SW workers still dont want to explain about my entitlements, where should i go.

Alex Watts : You should appeal.
Alex Watts : You have the right to do that.
Alex Watts : You simply write and say you are appealing.

where to appeal?


In this country is better not to work than to work.

Alex Watts : The agency that refuses to give a breakdown

Ok Thank you

Alex Watts : Does that help?

yes i got some website to check my rights, but some rules here is only for North Ireland and UK


I live in Ireland, not UK


All these websites for UK , i can not use it in Ireland

Alex Watts :

You can do this at:

Alex Watts :

Alex Watts :

Alex Watts :

Does that help?


Thanks i know information on this websites. I just wanted more clarify my situation. Anyway thank you!

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