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Have received letter from npton county council regarding concerns

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Have received letter from npton county council regarding concerns about safety of my children, being placed under child protection order and that they concerns about them suffering significant harm. Letter says to take to a solicitor now , how can I stop them from taking my children away
Thank you for your question.
My name is Clare
I will do my best to help you but I need some further information first.
Have you contacted a local solicitor?
how old are the children and when is the meeting?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Letter stated that a list of solicitors was enclosed but wasn't so contacted social worker this morning, to be told that she wasn't in and would forward list to me either by hand or by post in next couple of days.

Ages of children in question are 12, 9,4 and nearly 3. Date of meeting 7 October 2014, at 12 o'clock, Letter also states if we do nothing they will have to go to court. From what I can understand from the letter and talking to social worker that although I have done everything that they have asked me to do, and complied with what they have asked, . My partner is working and has not been able to attend any of the meetings, so this according to the social worker goes against us.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

List of solicitors received through post this morning, will be contacting this afternoon.

Deep breaths first
The way forward is going to be hard and difficult and you need to think before you speak always.
Find a solicitor that you feel listens to you - and who you will listen to.
If that is not the first one you see then find another one - this is going to be an important relationship - make sure you trust him or her enough to listen when they say things that you do not wish to hear - because if they are going to help you keep your children then they will say things you do not wish to hear.
The next point is that i am afraid that the children have two parents and you BOTH need to attend the meetings - I know that his work is important - but I will be as blunt as possible - if it is more important than his children then he is part of the problem not part of the solution
I do not now what the actual problems are - you do because they are written in the letter.
Whether you agree or not is not the issue - you have to accept them and act accordingly - and always talk the talk everywhere except inside your head.
You also need a fall back.
Whichever family member you wish to have the children if you cannot (and you MUST think the unthinkable at this point) must always always make it clear that they will cut ties with you if that is what it takes for them to have the children - this is ESSENTIAL if the worst scenario happens and you wish to ensure that the children go to your choice of carer.
I hope that that will not happen - but you need to prepare your chosen people carefully just in case
Good Luck
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