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Hi I was attacked at work 5 years ago BG a student with special

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Hi I was attacked at work 5 years ago BG a student with special needs, he bit my hand and snapped my finger whilst in was in his mouth. I had to stay in hospital and have it operated on to avoid infection in the break. I was paid for my time off work but I needed council ing due to the nature of the attack and it affected me mentally greatly. I was slowly reintroduced to work but ultimaltly I had to have extended leave unpaid until he left as I could no longer be around him. It took me a good year to regain my confidence, start to loose my fears and control my panic attacks.
I was unable to sue the school, I did try with a no win no fee company but I wondered if I could sue the student. I reported him to the police but not until about 2 months after as I was frightened of loosing my job. I would beg restful for any advice, I can no longer work due to disability, not linked to this attack so would be interested at how much it would cost me thank you for your time. Sara
Dear *****
It all sounds very frightening and appalling.
The answer is that you could sue the student in the civil courts but the problem is whether the student could afford to pay any damages awarded. He will not have insurance for such an attack so you can easily end up with a judgment that is satisfying but does not lead to you getting any financial restitution.
I hope this helps. If there are any further points please reply.
Best wishes
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hi, he can afford to compensate me, how do I go about suing him. I am on full benefit as I am unable to work due to ill health, not due to this incident. I have a long term illness, cerebral lupus, it is a chronic illness.