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Hi,I went on holiday with someone I met at Zumba and although

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Hi,I went on holiday with someone I met at Zumba and although many found her odd Who had known her longer I only encounter speech problems and flight of ideas with her but she functioned ok.However on holiday I recognised hypomanic behaviour in her as I am a qualified psychiatric nurse.She raced round the island of Bermuda at breakneck speed and involved herself with others without insight in to her behaviour.The holiday was ruined and I wondered how I could have missed these symptoms.On return I wrote her a letter because she would not sit still long enough to listen,and told her what I thought was the problem and also what I thought had ruined the holiday,her behaviour.As I have friends at Zumba who obviously wanted to know how it had been I told them.Some have cooled towards her and she now is threatening me with slander.I do not think I have accused her of anything that she has not told me herself and offered help as my duty as a nurse. What are her chances.?
Thank you for your question. My name is ***** ***** I will try to help with this.
Please don't waste your time worrying about nonsense like this for a number of reasons
1 The letter isn't slander because its not spoken.
2 It isn't libel either because you have only shown the letter to her. At the very highest point, it is malicious communication and the police will not be interested in this.
3 She could argue that what you said to others amounts to slander but there is no evidence she knows about that and unless they are going to come to court to give evidence no way of proving it.
4 Truth is a defence to defamation.
5 Fair comment is also a defence to defamation which is almost fail safe here.
6 Even if it were, she is not going to sue for defamation as it will cost her in excess of £10k and there is no legal aid.
This is just the usual nonsense that people with a small amount of knowledge come up with.
Can I clarify anything for you?
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Sorry if this went negative I must have pressed the wrong knob.Thankyou for your advice I have given you an excellent.All I did was offer her some advice on what my honest opinion was based on my psychiatric training and the wish for her to calm down,she has a pacemaker fitted so was at risk of a heart attack which I pointed out.All I did was point out why the holiday did not work.She was killing herself by grossly over eating and drinking,she constantly bragged about things she had like a£12,000 Rolex watch whilst her children were struggling financially.I pointed out that this to me was obscene.She displayed several symptoms of hypomania for sure but these can be functional,she did not gave a good relationship with her children and had no friends and in fact I pointed out if she got the help she needed she could repair some of the destructive relationships she had.I do not know if you regard this as legal but it's getting off my chest as I am a bit worried so just a bit more reassurance Jo would suffice.Cynthia
I wouldn't worry about this. Its just not a defamation and you have a defence even if it was.