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if something is stolen and you have witnesses telling you that

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if something is stolen and you have witnesses telling you that they know who the thieves are or know and where they live, why are the police saying there hands are tried and can not, go to the address and make enquires.
Alex Watts : Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.
Alex Watts : For now please let me know whether your sister has made a formal statement please ?

really have no idea, the question stands, can


i have just paid you £36 for an answer to my question, i thought it would be quite simple, but now beginning to worry that you want more money, from me, monthly, this was a one payment question. i feel this was the wrong thing to do, or quite simply you cannot answer my one question in simple teams.

Alex Watts : Anything billing ie monthly subscription you need to ask customer services, I don't have access to that area as an expert
Alex Watts : The police have no duty to investigate.
Alex Watts : The police can make enquiries if they have reasonable suspicion that an offence has been committed
Alex Watts : They can't generally enter property without a warrant if the Occupiers refuse
Alex Watts : Your sister has said who she thinks it is but I suspect they are not acting as there is not enough evidence
Alex Watts : So the police don't have an actual duty.
Alex Watts : However any refusal can be judicially reviewed. This is where a high court judge considers the decision and decides whether it is legal and reasonable. A judge can agree with the decision or remit it back for further consideration
Alex Watts : Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?

thank you. you here, on the news, police are doing door to door searching for that lost ?. again thank you for my answer. Good night.

Alex Watts : Happy to help, if this does answer the queation might I Invite you to rate, the button is at the bottom of the screen.
Alex Watts : if you need more help please click reply.
Alex Watts : have a good weekend and I hope this works out.
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