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Ash, Solicitor
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hi, a couple of years back i was in a car accident. My

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a couple of years back i was in a car accident. My friends husband was driving the car, my friend was the passenger and me in the back - then all of a sudden a person went into the car on my firends side.
we claimed for wip lash/injury and my firends husband ith ink his car was righten off. but then all of asudden we got a letter stating fraud and when i spoke with my firendsthey said her husband (sukh) has done ahpi check on his car after purchase then the accdient but i didnt think anything of it as i was in the car the accident happened then we had anotehr letter stating the the car driver was saying the sukh had paid him to stage the accident when i spoke to the solicitor dealing withthe case he wasnt telling me much (this is the one sukh had), then we sent offthe letters then after they told me that his icar insurer with drew from the case as sukh had to go to court to put his case forward and the jury did not find him convincing - then all of a sudden they told me the garage that the car was taken to - the garage provider scrapped their car - i was like why wud anyone else do that - then we sent final letter as iwanted to get out of this as now one was being straight with me and i was getting worried that they might have used me to be in the car to make the claim look genuine - now we have had a letter from the acting solitors of of a big bill - but befreo i speak with the otehr 2 or this solicitor i wanted to get an independent solictors advise what do i do - i was in the accident genuly suffered wip lash if my firend/ husband did do anything illigal i have no idea i feel used in all this and now worried going to get labbeleld with fraud and big bill - help - should i go an see an independent solicitor to get avice - if so which one as in a claim injury etc
Alex Watts : Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.
Alex Watts : For now please let me how whether they are saying it was a low velocity Impact please?



I have to relpy back to this letter before 29th sept 4pm if i need to dispute the legal charges or pay then so high importance


hi im not sure how this service works - will you come online and just provide me with some advice at agiven time /today? do i need to remain on line


how much is the total charge of this advice - sorry but i just need to double check - is it £33 (i paid on my card only just now)?

Alex Watts : It's a one off fee yes, I may be on and offline so the system will email you when I reply

ok thank you

Alex Watts : have you got a solicitor making a personal injury claim for you?

sukh my friends husband yes Sovereign solicitors and they ae dealing with the case - but i just want to go or speak with someone independently frist to see where i stand as i feel im not getting anywhere i can never get hold of the person i need to speak with - and they both leave me out of all the details saying your only the other passenger in the car but the truth is all the affects me in the same way as them -


can i still get indpendent advise

Alex Watts : Yes you can instruct any personal Injury aolicitor to bring a claim.
Alex Watts : it does not hAbe to be the name one your friend is using.
Alex Watts : bearing in mind what You have said, I would get another solicitor.
Alex Watts : You are free to do that as many take them on a no win no fee.
Alex Watts : So yes you can get your own solicitor
Alex Watts : Can I clairfy anything for you about this today please?

as the third party has provided our acting soclitor with court etc charges - as the other driver has claimed fraud and we pay the money just to end it do we have a conviction on our name- also should they wish to pursue the claim but as its becoming to out of hand and i cant beleive them can i just pay my half of the bill or do they have to agree not to take it further too and can i only pay my share -


can you clarify on this please


the last letter we all sent was to not pursue for damages and end this and now received a letter as the defendant is making us pay he court etc bills - which type of solitor do i need to go to - as it cant be a claims/injury one, just want to ensure i go to the correct one.


if you can just let me know on these details that will be great and help nd answer my questions for today.

Alex Watts : It would be a personal Injury solciitor. They deal with litigation claims.
Alex Watts : But if you did bring w claim and stopped the rules say you are responsible for the other sides costs.
Alex Watts : But if you need a solicitor it would be a personal Injury one.
Alex Watts : Does that clarify?

there are 3 of us in this claim -if the other 2 wish to dispute the court charges, but i dont am i liable to pay the full amount or only my share. For example the costs are £15,000 that applies to us 3 - should i wish to stop and not contiune am i jsut laible to pay £5k and the rest are on the other 2?

Alex Watts :

No, it may be you are joint and severally liable, which is why you need a Solicitor


ok thanks

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