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seanferguson13, Solicitor
Category: Law
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Experience:  3 year qualified solicitor with expertise in UK taxation.
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i have not been paid for the last 4 and a half months my tax

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i have not been paid for the last 4 and a half months my tax or national insurance, form my new employer, i am in a live in postition and i ahve just been told to leave in two weeks, i feel this is because i keep asking for my over time, holidays, and also pay slips to show my tax is being paid, what can i do, an dwhere can i get help from, am i allowed to take the company car, until i my taxes, are paid, my number is *********** Andrew Lockett
seanferguson13 : First of all they must give you notice in accordance with the terms of your contract. If there is no such term then a reasonable notice period should be observed. Inform your employer of this.
seanferguson13 : secondly I would advise them, in writing (and keep a copy) that you want copies of all pay slips by a specific date, failing which you will be forced to report them to HMRC.
seanferguson13 : Because you will be forced to assume without evidence to the contrary that they have not complied with their tax obligations.
seanferguson13 : Hope this helps

Thank you Sean,


do you know if i am in my rights to have them pay me my holiday pay pro rata, and i have told them about my tax needs to be paid, however, i am at their mercy so to speak, because i am living in their accomodation and they could turn me out the door, before my two weeks is up, and they have just emailed me notice to leave, on the 3rd of october,

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