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Ash, Solicitor
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hello i wounder if you can help me? we moved into a shop about

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hello i wounder if you can help me?
we moved into a shop about 4 years on i was paying the lease holder the rent but he was paying for his shop so the we started paying the main landlord staight into their bank account !!!
the lease ran out on the 8/09/2014 on the 10/09/2014 the locks was changed now its been 11days but we do have access to out stock !!!
the land lord is ignoring my phone calls ?
so what is the about this matter ?
one the other side when they let us for access can we change locks ?
thanks kuldip
Alex Watts : Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.
Alex Watts : For now please let me know whether you were in arrears or was it just the fact the lease ran out he changed the locks?

since it was not my lease the lease holder was in rears


but the main landlord knows i was there but not happy the the lease holder ?


just thinking what is the law if i change the lock after their gives us access?


if the main landlord takes rent of me does that changes the Tenancy


atfer 3 months do i have legel right to the shop ?


also can the landlord rechange the locks again after we after we change the locks ?

Alex Watts : Ok but you have been paying the landlord direct?

the shop was in rears but they was arrangement to pay weekly on top of the rent

Alex Watts : Ok. What you can do is apply to the court for relief.
Alex Watts : You will need to go down to your local county court and fill out some forms.
Alex Watts : The court will then list the matter for a hearing and decide whether to grant what is called relief from forfeiture
Alex Watts : The court will have a judge at a hearing and you can explain the situation. The lamdlord can do the same
Alex Watts : The judge will either grant full relief or allow you to remove all your goods.
Alex Watts : It is this form here
Alex Watts :

this could take months ?

Alex Watts : no it will be listed urgently.
Alex Watts : Can I clairfy anything else for you?

what happens if i chage the locks ?

Alex Watts : You could but that may be considered criminal damage
Alex Watts : Do it properly and get a hearing date. Get the forms today to the county court and they can give you a date

no when the agent let us in then we chage the locks ?

Alex Watts : yes you had permissiom then
Alex Watts : You don't now
Alex Watts : You need to get relief from the court

i'am a bit confuse what can the landlord do if we change the lock ? without breaking on ?


so the landlord as to take us to court ?

Alex Watts : It is a criminal offence, criminal damage. You do not have his permission to change the locks.
Alex Watts : you could be prosecuted by the police.
Alex Watts : the correct thing to do is apply to court for relief using the forms and procedure outlined above
Alex Watts : you can change the locks but you run the risk of being prosecuted
Alex Watts : so clearly as a lawyer I can not recommend you do that

just cant afford to go through courts?

Alex Watts : its a mater for you. I can only tell you the legal options
Alex Watts : if you decide to change the locks I can only advise of the risk

also if we do go to court can i claim lost of earning ?


if we win ?

Alex Watts : yes
Alex Watts : can I clarify anything else for you?

how much cost to log the form ?


in court

Alex Watts : £155 which you can get back if you win

can i do this without a solicitor ?

Alex Watts : yes you can do it In person

i've had a stroke 2 years ago and i;ve lost my go ?if you know what i mean ?

Alex Watts : Yes.

i go blank in court

Alex Watts : i have given you the legal options above. You can represent yourself or get a solicitor. Does this answer the queation for you today?

yes it does and can you recommend solicitor ?

Alex Watts : i am not allowed but please go to
Alex Watts :

go to where ?

Alex Watts : Can I help with anything else today?

no thank you

Alex Watts : Ok if I could invite you to rate my answer before you go, the button should be at the bottom of the page
Alex Watts : if you need more help please click reply
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