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Ash, Solicitor
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Hi Alex, You answered a question I placed last week but, due

This answer was rated:

Hi Alex,
You answered a question I placed last week but, due to my inability to set up a proper log in and lack of response from the hosts I requested a refund. However, if we can start again I would be very grateful.
What do I need to do?
Alex Watts : Hello and thank you for requesting me again.
Alex Watts : I am happy to help if you could explain the situation a little more.

Hi Alex,


A party obtained a judgment against me in The London Central Court for £23,490 in December 2010 and the same party applied for my Bankruptcy in September 2011. I was fully discharged in December 2012 and my administrator confirmed I had settled all my obligations to this parry. I have conatcted the Central London Court and sent the required £70.00 but do not seem to be abler to have this judgment removed.

Alex Watts : Judgment or bankruptcy removed?

The judgment.


As the judgment has been satisfied


I am sorry if my earlier message was insufficiently clear but would welcome your constructive advice soonest.

Alex Watts : The judgement has been satisfied but is still showing on the report?



The judgment was satisfied by my bankruptcy and I have correspondence from my Administrator in Bankruptcy specifically confirming this. I will be happy to send you the copy correspondence if it helps you.


Alex, I am receiving emails informing me you have answered my question and asking me to rate your service. Both a little premature, wouldn't you say.

Alex Watts : So is the judgement saying it has been sataified or not satisfied?
Alex Watts : dont worry about the emails they are system generated

Alex, It is still showing as unsatisfied with the major credit reference agencies and the court have not informed the Registry that it has been satisfied. Otherwise I would not be worrying about it. Please see attached letter from my Administrator ........ but I'm not sure if it has successfully been attached!

Alex Watts : But can you confirm whether the whole judgment was paid or just included in bankruptcy so not all of it was paid?

No it was included in my bankruptcy. The party were the petitioner for my bankruptcy. The administrator confirmed I had fully satisfied my obligation to this creditor and specifically named them in their correspondence to me.

Alex Watts : It's bad news I am afriad. The debt was included in the bankruptcy but it was not satisifed il full. What a bankruptcy does is stop them taking further action. But the credit report is right
Alex Watts : If for example the debt was £5000 and they got £1000 from the bankruptcy, the account would still show £4000
Alex Watts : This is because bankruptcy only prevents a creditor from taking further action. It does not mean the debt is not owing - they just can't enfroce it
Alex Watts : So sadly the information is accurate, even if you took it to court a judge wouldn't order that it is rectified
Alex Watts : I am sorry if this is not the answer you want and certainly not the one I want to give you, but I have a duty to be honest
Alex Watts : Can I clairfy anything for you about this today please?
Customer: Alex, Thank you for this full answer. I am a little confused because all my credit cards, banks etc have all shown the debts as 'satisfied' with a zero balance once informed of my discharge from bankruptcy which removes them as a negativity on my credit report. Also, if I really can't change it how long will it hang as a millstone around my neck?
Alex Watts : It's a matter for each creditor I am sorry, technically the balance was never paid so it's a discretionary matter for the creditor.
Alex Watts : I am sorry

Thank you Alex.

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