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Matt Jones
Matt Jones, Solicitor
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i bought an house 10 years ago and want to sell it the buyers

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i bought an house 10 years ago and want to sell it the buyers solicitor is the one who acted for the man who sold it to me 10 years ago . she now says the conservatory on the back of the house is built on land that does not belong to me and its also a right of way so shes told the buyer not to buy but she was happy to do the paper work 10 years ago to sell it to me my solicitor says its my fault i should have measured everything up 10 years ago who can help i am 62 and on my pension i have never lived in the house getting it for my son but hes moved on in all this time no one in the surrounding house have object to the building please help as i am still pay council tax and mortgage
Matt Jones : Hi I will try and help
Matt Jones : Do you have any papers from when you bought? If so were you advised at the time to check the boundaries?

yes there with the deeds and the solictor said i was asked to check things seemed fine to me so i guess it was my fault but i dont under stand all this thats why we pay people like you to look out for us is there any think that can be done

Matt Jones : You can usually get quite good insurance terms for problems like this. Has your current solicitor talked you through anything like this?

no shes on about finding how much i owe and then selling it cheap but explaining to ever buys the problem an the fact no ones complained and the conservatory was on when i bought the house please explain about the insurance terms and where do i go

Matt Jones : Defective title insurance can cover different problems such as those you are dealing with here. The fact that the conservatory has been insitu for some without complaints is a good start to he able to persuade a compau to give cover. The policy would cover the loss of value should anyone try and claim the land on which the conservatory sits in the future. I don't known enough about the case to properly afviseif this is possible but it is worth exploring with your solicitor.
Matt Jones : You may wish to consider having the old file checked to see if you were properly advised at the time. There should be a paper trsi
Matt Jones : Trai

what if i surrender the house back to the mortgage provider and is there some legal stance i can take with the solicitor who sold it to me she would know about the conseratory

Matt Jones : Sorrycomputer seem story be messing around!
Matt Jones : I don't think there is much mileage in pursuing the solicitor who sold it to you. She was acting for the seller and so owes you no duty of care. You need to look carefully at what advice you were given by the solicitor at the time. It would be wise getting hold of the file and having it looked over by another firm. There may be a negligence action against them

thanks what about giving the property up

Matt Jones : You can't just give the property up you have to be in arrears which means missing several pay,cents. This may not be what you want to do and will effect your future. However if you want to its up to you. I would suggest trying the few suggestions above first

thanks for your help can i come back to you at a later date

Matt Jones : Of course. If you leave positive feedback I will get paid for my time, the question won't close and you can ask to
Matt Jones : Follow up question later on

thanks my feed back will be extremely positive good night

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