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During June this year I had my eyes tested at Tesco, Durham

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During June this year I had my eyes tested at Tesco, Durham and decided to order a pair of bi-focal specs. When I got them I found that the reading window was ridiculisly small so I went back and asked if it was possible for the technicians to make a bigger window. I was met with a stonewall and after much messing around with the frames which was useless I decided to order a new frame with variafocal lenses. When I received those I went home to discover that one of the nose pads was missing so I returned to the Practice to report this and was told that they had no spare parts in stock. Nearly a month later they phoned to say the part was there. I went back again to pick them up and returned home. Lo and behold that same evening I was watching TV and a nose pad dropped on my lap. Back to the Practice yet again; picked them up and went on holiday that evening. Late in the evening I picked up my newspaper and was horrified when I was struggling to read normal newsprint. Fortunately I had taken my old specs which worked perfectly and were the same prescription as the new ones. On return from holiday I made yet another 18 mile round trip to be stonewalled yet again and told that the specs were made to the correct prescription. I said that was impossible because my old specs were ok and suggested that the technicians must be at fault. She then said the the Practice Manager was away for a few days and would ring me when he returned to try and find some solution.
I left the specs with her and managed to keep calm.

I am sorry to hear about this.

It does seem that you have a valid complaint against the Practice and you may make a formal complaint against the Practice to the General Optical Council (GOC), see here how to do so:

Once the GOC starts investigating, I would think the Practice will take you more seriously as you have a claim of negligence against them.

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