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I have been caring for my grandad for the past two years ,

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I have been caring for my grandad for the past two years , I have had to to many unpleasant jobs for him , I have been doing his wash cleaning and shopping and his grooming, he also has 3 carers a day (which I'm not satisfied how they care for him) there was a family crisis few months back and I ask my grandad if he minded to help with a small amount of money he agreed and gave me signed permission to borrow the money (which is being paid back) one of his carers look through his bank statement and seen this money had been taken out and have got social services invoked now I don't know what to do as I do not have any form of receipts they have made accusations that I have stolen of my grandad which I certainly havnt !! Now I don't know where to turn I feel deeply sadden and bullied please help don't know if I will be in trouble
LondonlawyerJ :

Hello I am a solicitor with over 15 years experience. I will try to help you with this.

LondonlawyerJ :

Can you tell me a bit more please. What is the amount borrowed and how much have you paid back? What is the extent of of your Grandad's disability? Did you discuss borrowing the money with anyone else eg family members?

Customer: Yes all family members were notified but no one could help, it was my nan that borrowed the money from my grandad it was £200 and she has paid back £100 so far and has the intention of paying it back , my grandad sighed written permission for her to borrow back in May and he stil has the capacibility to agree to this but gets confused every now and again
LondonlawyerJ :

So you didn't borrow the money yourself?

Customer: No I didn't, am I being charged for replying to you?
LondonlawyerJ :

No you are not being charged for the extra questions in this chat.

LondonlawyerJ :

If your Grandad has the capacity to make decisions like this and made it and half the money is back in his account anyway then I don't see what it is anyone could say you have done wrong.

LondonlawyerJ :

Have social services been in touch with you about the money?

Customer: Yes they have asked to see his bank statements, this all came about as soon as I notified the head Carer that money was going missing from his flat and they have turnt this all on me I certainly haven't been taking his money dro
Customer: From his flat I have been looking after him for two years !! Also a gold watch has gone missing
LondonlawyerJ :

OK so the suggestion is that you have been taking things from his flat and from his bank account. You suspect the local authority carers have been doing this. You may as well let them see the statements but send them a letter with the statements explaining precisely what happened and your concerns about the carers. What is your grandfather's view on the carers?

LondonlawyerJ :

I quite understand why you feel saddened and bullied in this situation but if you send a polite but firm letter to Social Services above this should help.

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