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Hi I run a small tv retail business. One of my customers who

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I run a small tv retail business. One of my customers who has a tv from me on a hire purchase contract has sold it to cash generator. He has had it a month into a 3 year contract. I Have informed the police who have given me the option of taking him to court.
Cash generator have sold the tv on. My question regards ***** ***** can legally get the tv back from their retail customer or am entitled to some form of recompense from cash generator. Also, if I write a letter to their customer via Cash Generator explaining the situation, does this put a different emphasis on the situation ie does it become a stolen goods matter?
yours faithfully
Adrian Mcloughlin
Thank you for your question. My name is ***** ***** I will try to help with this.
It doesn't become a stolen goods matter. They were not aware that this item belonged to you and telling them now does not change the nature of their knowledge at the time.
You could try to sue the current owner but I wouldn't suggest it. He could rely on the innocent purchaser defence which would almost certainly succeed. Also, injunctions are expensive and probably you don't want a TV in negative equity back. You want the money.
You should be suing the individual in question which will be cheap and almost guaranteed to succeed. You can do so here
But the police should pursue him as well. This is the clearest instance of either theft or fraud one can imagine. If they were not too busy prosecuting all and sundry for making a failed pass at somebody in the 1970s that no reasonable woman would think worthy of their attention they might have time to deal with proper crime!
Can I clarify anything for you?
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