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I am pasting a copy of my diary re: neighbour from .

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This pasting does not appear to have the whole 'diary' file, which I have therefore attached as a word attachment. This person is causing incredible angst, to my partner and myself, and we are at our wits end - would really appreciate advice on how we might proceed to handle this problem short of moving house, which we are being forced to consider!

Attachment: 2014-09-27_204659_neighbour.doc

I am pasting a copy of my diary re: neighbour from hell. What can I do about it? 21st September, 2014. (‘He’ = William next door to*****) Either one or two years ago, he came out as I passed the corner of Gorton Road/Lane and accused me of allowing my dogs to defecate in the corner adjoining his boundary wall. He shouted, and swore repeatedly. I told him this was not the case – he continued to shout and swear – I said ‘don’t be so silly’ and walked away. Over the last year he has repeatedly ‘splashed’ us over the dividing fence between our back gardens while hosing, and during the summer we were unable to sit out for much of the time because of the noise of his radio. A few months ago we had an accident with our own hose, the nozzle came off and we were both soaked, and he was splashed over the fence. Next day, when we were sitting out in one of the few quiet periods, he first turned two radios on at full volume, then hammered on the fence, and then repeatedly (perhaps six times) deliberately aimed his hose over the fence towards us. When we finally asked him to stop hosing us, he screamed abuse, citing the previous night’s hose incident, and accused us of having noisy dogs, and not ‘being fit’ to have dogs. When we turned away, he told me to ‘watch my back’. I turned back and asked if he was threatening me, to which he made no specific reply but said he would ‘report’ us as being unfit to have dogs. Since then he has launched a campaign of harassment: -turning the radio on if we go out into the garden and turning it off when we go in (though he is still out) -following us on occasion around the garden (on his side of the fence) and settling wherever we stop, while muttering obscenities -glaring across the fence at me whenever he can catch my eye, even when I am in the conservatory. For the last week, he has, for the first time, been ‘around’ approximately half the times I have taken the dogs for their twice daily walk. (Working in his front garden/ walking up/down the street – on one occasion standing on the corner.) (I have rarely seen him at the front/on the road before this last week.) He has started shouting at me, from a distance, when I pass the original corner, that the dogs must not defecate there, although he puts it rather more crudely. Two days ago, while I was out in the back garden with the puppy, he called from the other side of the fence: “Here, piggy piggy.” ?? Today I passed him on the opposite side of the street, and a moment later heard him shouting the ‘corner accusations’ at my back. I turned and told him that two of my dogs are blind, and that they have to pause on the corner to negotiate the kerb otherwise they would fall. He claimed to have seen them defecate there, and his whole ranting stance led me to observe aloud that “You are sick.” (I was upset by his callous indifference to the difficulties of my blind, and innocent, dogs!) He then crossed the road and advanced on me, a strange waddling run as he uses a walking stick, and it was clear he had violence in mind. Before I had to evade him, however, he stopped, then shouted “Not as sick as you, you f***ing pervert” as I turned and walked away. There have been no witnesses that I know of to these incidents, although I did notice that the garage man was working today, so there is a possibility he could have heard today’s altercation. As this situation gets more and more out of hand, I am particularly concerned by today’s incident for the following reasons. I am an Optometrist, and any police charge or caution must be reported to the General Optical Council’s Fitness to Practice Committee, who have the power to take away my livelihood. I am also registered with Disclosure Scotland as fit to work with vulnerable people, and this is periodically re-assessed – again, I cannot work without a Disclosure Scotland certificate. Various adverse (to me) scenarios of how today COULD have gone are now preoccupying my mind. For example, while attempting to run with a walking stick, he could have fallen over and shouted in pain. If the only potential witness, the man in the garage, had come out to see what was happening, he would have seen William lying on the ground, and me standing close by. It is my belief that William would have claimed that I had pushed him over, and I would then have been the subject of a police investigation. 26th September, 2014. After the preceding incident, I was on the point of consulting a solicitor – either to advise me, can I go to the police, or can you write a letter asking only that the persecution will cease? However, up til now he seems to have stopped stalking me. I have not seen him at the front since the last incident. There have been a few occasions when the radio has gone on at full volume when we went out (with the new puppy) and goes off again less than five minutes later after we go in. To-day, while Kirsty was out playing with the puppy, she heard him s

Thank you for your question.
Here are your options:
1. Get your solicitor to write a letter warning his off and insisting that he doesn't come near you. Sometimes this is enough to resolve the issue.
2. Ask the civil court to grant an interdict or protection from harassment order and find him liable for th expenses of doing so. Evidence would be required.
3. Report to the council so that ASBO proceedings can be considered. Again evidence is required.
Happy to discuss further.
Please leave a positive response so that I am credited for my time.
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