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I loaned a woman 40k over the period of a year to pay her mortgage

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I loaned a woman 40k over the period of a year to pay her mortgage and pay off a loan, this was not the plan.
It started in Dec 2011/Jan 2012, she was 65, trying to get a mortgage for 600k on a house valued at 1 million. she failed to get a mortgage she became distraught and said she would go bankrupt and life was not worth living. In an act of what I call unnatural kindness offered to sell my house and lend her 200k to knock of her mortgage, while she sold her house, tied up legally of course. I planned to move down south anyway and intended to rent before buying a property, I could not see a problem with doing this, in a way was no big deal as if the money left in the bank on what I hoped to sell my house for, 325k would only give me £32 interest for a year and I did not want to tie it up.
Her house was rented out, for some reason she messed with the tenants and lost them, and in April asked if I would sell my shares and investments, has now bankruptcy would be on the cards, and asked for 36k all in one lump sum. I was not happy with this, being it would attract capital gains tax of 40% after what I took out of the investments for my needs, and that I am disabled and had looked after my wife with MS for twenty years and this money was my pension along with 30k of my Mothers money entrusted to me.
I took the risk on my house selling, The lady was told this, and felt humbled that someone would do this and she felt embarrassed for asking, she now knew that that was all the money I had.
Her house was sold at the end of May 2014, for 825k, she immediately repaid 30k so I could give back my Mother her money, and brought a beautiful place furnished like a home out of house and gardens.
Over the years of knowing this lady she is to say the least an incorrigible sociopath, and felt that I could no longer go on associating with her. Nearly Everything that she has told me has been a lie, and her constant moaning that she has no money really brings it home to me when I am now living of job seekers and benefits allowance of £196 every two weeks with now no pension and she now lives on 48k per year with no tax to pay.
Having spent at least 5k on a Tunisian dating scammer going to see him 3 times in 14weeks and wanted to continue to see him until the spring of 2015 when she felt ,,,,well I don’t know, and having 35k in the bank and telling me she was skint felt that I should ask for my 10k. Her response “I am worse than her ex husband and a bloodsucker”.
She came over to my house a few days later to sort things out, she said she did not have to pay me anything, I had nothing in writing, but would offer me her Diamond ring, she then went on to phone her friend, I will call him a fixer, and made it clear that I was not entitled to anything. She then phoned her solicitor friend who said I was not entitled to anything and to take the ring, with insurance estimated value of 14 to 15k and implied it could be worth significantly more. I said I was not interested in it insurance value but the value it could be sold at, I knew it would be worth considerably less than that, I was not allowed to see any documentation or the ring and was being blackmailed into accepting this deal.
The ring was being held by a friend against a 5k loan. The lady had gone off the deep end at me in trying to make me feel bad saying she had phoned her bank to arrange an overdraft of 5k to pay for the ring, I believe it to be a lie, she had 35k in the bank. So I had to accept this deal or get nothing.
A contract was drawn up for 3.5 carat diamond ring in exchange for the 10k loan. This was a 15k ring that she no longer wanted a few weeks ago and told her friend to keep it, I told her to sell it if she thought it was worth that much but did not want to, this is not the mind of a sane person.
On giving me the ring she then went on the rampage, telling me I could have had 5k in the bank, I could have had a comprise instead I have taken the ring and bled her dry , she said I do not understand her it’s worth 14k my thinking is like I am tuppence short of a shilling. I was never offered the 5k cash, whether its the ring or cash to me it is blackmail.
When given an envelope containing the ring she did not want to see it so I took it and on the way home stopped to inspect it but could not find my glasses so phoned her to see if I had left them there. At home in the morning I inspected the contents, the documents stated it was a 3.01 carat ring, so I had the ring inspected by certified CIA Diamond appraiser, who said the work done was sloppy at best and came in with a carat weight of 2.75. the fact that I can buy a brand new ring at 3.01 carats 4claw 18crt gold with better colour and clarity for £8600, I have been offered £1500 to £3500 at the moment and told to go on ebay and I might get lucky.
What is your question please?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

seeing the Diamond is not what is in the contract what recourse can I take to cover the loss,

Thank you.
You may have the contract set aside on the grounds of misrepresentation under the Misrepresentation Act 1967.
I would advise you to write this person a letter setting out the fact that you have had the diamond valued by an independent valuer and their finding does not support what was represented to you about the diamond and that you require payment of your £10K upon which you will return the diamond to her and give her say 2 weeks to do so. Explain that you are doing this under the above Act and that you may take legal action if you are not paid your money.
If she does not respond to you or comply with your request, you may sue her for the money online at and state that you will return the diamond when you get paid.
May I help further?
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

This was the answer I was expecting, I would like to put forward this to you.

Knowing what this lady is like, and she is in complete denial, every thing she has told money wise about her position is fabricated, she said her repayments were 3k a month they were in fact £2546, she lost the tenants which is the reason for paying the mortgage, but she again leased the property, receiving rent for 3 to 4 months worth about 6 to 7k without any intention of giving me any money back, she again threatened bankruptcy in may 2014, this was never going to be the case, for she had 40k in savings now and had brought a car and the residue from a house would have brought her a down payment all be it on a smaller house. she forced several people to take a cut in what she owed in total about 70k. she is at the moment going to try and snare a Irish millionaire, and with what she has been saying about him it all for the money, she has now given him an ultimatum about their affair and he has given in. I know all the facts i have said are true, I have copies of bank statements and voice recordings of her antics, i have nude pictures which she downloaded of herself on my computer,and knowledge of all her affairs while going out with this man. WHAT would be the consequences if I told her i would release this information to her friends, is it legitimate to do this or would there be consequences

Legally you are owed the money so you would not be making any unwarranted demands with menaces to make a gain for yourself or a loss to her so as to be blackmailing her and truth is always a defence to any action for defamation.
It may be that the threat of legal action will spur her into paying you.
All the best
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks, ***** ***** only say what is documented. think she will respond not very nicely of course. sad to have to do this. Again many thanks.Smile

Welcome and good luck David.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

i have ticked the 5 star box, all answers,,,,excellent. quick to recommend friends for an easy way of connecting for Legal advice ,stress less

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have received another e-mail asking for a review. I have ticked the 5 star. and again repeat as earlier.


excellent. quick to recommend friends for an easy way of connecting for Legal advice ,stress less.


hope this is the way for your recommendations, for your payment, if not please further instructions for me