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Jenny, Solicitor
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I have been doing a Doctoral degree with an academy in London.

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I have been doing a Doctoral degree with an academy in London. The academy bring the student up to the level of viva submission at which point the thesis is then submitted to the Paris School of Business for review, viva & if successful award of the degree. All monies are paid directly to the academy.
Despite paying nearly £10,000 the academy have now said they no longer work with the Paris School of Business & can therefore no longer offer this programme. They are offering nothing & no refund. What can I do?
taratill :

Hello my name is ***** ***** I am happy to help you today. Are you being offered anything in alternative?

Customer: Hi Taratil,
Customer: no the only email I have had tells me that if I wish to continue I need to speak to Paris directly & independantly
Customer: iindependently I have spoken to Paris & they will allow me to join their own course for another 9000 euros
taratill :

Did you pay the academy directly then and were you issued a contract by them that detailed the service they were providing, i.e. the access to the Paris School of Business?

Customer: I paid london directly. There was no contract, they only explained the process
taratill :

Is there anything in writing by email or otherwise that stated that you were paying effectively for access to the Paris School of Business?

Customer: most certainly there will be an email that explains the process as outlined in my original question. This has effected about 20 students so I feel sure we will be able to collate something however London where always keen to say that we where academy students not directly tied to paris
taratill :

Ok thanks, ***** ***** that you should write to them to say that they are in breach of contract. You have paid them money on the basis that they have offered you the access to the course in Paris, now they are not able to offer you the access to the Paris School of Business they are in breach of contract and you will suffer a loss as a result of this , i.e. you are being required to pay 900 euros to put the matter right. As there is a breach of contract you can say that if they do not pay the 900 euro fee to remedy the breach of contract you will have no alternative but to take them to the county court to recover your losses.

taratill :

They will then have to demonstrate that there has been no breach of contract. On the basis of what you say they will struggle especially if they do not have written agreements to rely on.

taratill :

You should give them 7 days to put matters right and then raise a claim.

Customer: If I paid the 9000 euro to Paris before I start a claim does this go against me? I am at a stage with my thesis that I need to submit the only way I can see of doing this is to go directly to Paris pay the 9000 & fight with the London academy separately. Is this a recommended action?
taratill :

No it makes no difference if you pay it before, if anything it supports your claim. Keep all receipts to put in the claim.

taratill :

If you have any further questions please do ask.If I have answered your question I would be grateful if you would take the time to rate my answer. Thank you and all the best.

Customer: Also, is the letter better coming from a solicitor?
taratill :

They may take it more seriously but there is nothing wrong in you writing it yourself.

Customer: Is this something you can do & if so could you indicate costs & how to go about it
taratill :

I'm afraid we are limited to a question and answer service on this website so it is not something I can help you with. If you want to draft a letter I can read it for you. Any high street solicitor should be able to assist.

Customer: Jenny,
Customer: thank you very much, I may well be back. Kind Regards adrian
taratill :

No problem Adrian all the best with it. Do remember to take the time to rate my answer, many thanks

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