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hi i received a phone call about ppi and was told by them i

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hi i received a phone call about ppi and was told by them i had to give them permission to look into my claim and they booked an appointment and a man came asked me a few questions and asked me to sign a form i was not feeling great that day as am recovering from cancer and did not have my reading glasses with me and he left and i just put paperwork in my car un aware i had signed a contract 35% plus vat which equates to 42% of any monies recovrred and the company are saying they wont budge i singed a contract i was conned where do i stand now many thanks

When did this happen and when did you try cancelling?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

this was back in june when i signed and have been paid by barclays directly in sept i was not aware of a contract they never left me a contract copy and i have been given a copy of there contract since to show me where i signed next to 35%+vat they left me there terms and conditions also in there it says 35% +vat

Thank you.

I am afraid if you signed the contract then you would be bound by it unless your signature was forged or you did not sign it. You could refuse to pay them and let them take you to court where you could defend their claim and see what the court decides.

The court may or may not uphold your defence but if you signed it, I am afraid you would be bound by it.

May I help further?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

but what about me not been told it was a contract and me had a seed planted in my head i had to sign a form for them to look into my claim then if a claim could be made then i sign up and agree a percentage this has been a con for them to get there foot in the door

If you were not aware that you were entering into a legal contract with them, then you should inform them that you had no intention to be legally bound by them and that without such an intention, a valid contract could not have been entered into.

The onus would then be on them to take you to court and then the court would have the final say over whether or not a valid contract exists.

Hope this clarifies.

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