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Hello I am from latvia. Hello I applied for student finance

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Hello I am from latvia. Hello I applied for student finance in england. I told I have been living in UK for 3 years. They asked for residency evidence and I told them I have been living in a farm for 1,5 of these 3 years and i don't have any bills and I didn't have a bank account for that time. they said ok they will assess my parents income instead. After assessing parents income they gave me 9000 tutition fee loan, 5000 maintenance loan and 3000 grant. Now its second year of my studies, I applied the same way, they asked for my parents income again, they gave me the same amount of money again, but 2 moths ago they said I am not eligible for student finance unless I have the residency evidence, and my application has been changed to not eligible for student finance, and they are asking to repay me the money they gave me last year. Do I have any rights in this? I already told them I don't have the evidence last year, and they still gave me the finance, this year they are not giving it to me and asking back the last years money..

Unfortunately a lot of fraudulent applications are made to Student Finance and they have the right to ask for evidence to back up any claims made by an applicant that they have been resident in the UK for 3 years before their course starts.

Strictly speaking, you need to show evidence of the 3 years period and the fact that they assessed your parents income was probably them being relaxed about your application, as you need to be assessed, not your parents.

I am afraid you need to provide them with the evidence that they require to show that you have been living in the UK for 3 years before your course started, otherwise they have the right to do what they are doing now i.e. ask for the money back and stop any further loans.

It is also a criminal offence to make false representations to obtain money under the Fraud Act 2006 and the police could be called to investigate you if there is reason to doubt you.

May I help further?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks. I arrived in UK in June 2010, I have letter from flight company that confirms I used their services and came to uk that date. Then I lived and worked at the farm - sunrise fruits in Kent.the farm office, workplace and the caravan in which I lived in was at the same address. when I arrived some other people I know worked there. Farmer who I worked for issued me rental agreement that just states that I'm paying weekly and i must notify 2 weeks before leaving the farm. i also have paypal invoices that proves that I have actually lived there. Is this information worth nothing? also - I have not given false information or false application as I actually lived here. and as I said for the first year - I called them and said I do not have any more proof, so i never stated i have it. at this moment the person who i called to should have said then no sorry we can not give you student finance isn't it? And I would be ok with that and I would just apply for studies this year as now I have been living here more than 4 years and I have bank statements for the necessary period. because even when I said I have only this evidence and they ignored it, I have wasted 1 year for studies I can not continue, and I am not able to apply for this year as well. and I am also in debt for the last year payment.. So I have no right here, they can just do this to me with no problems?

I would advise you to gather as much information as possible that you have indeed lived in the UK since June 2010 e.g. letters from the farmer, colleagues etc with their names and addresses etc and then lodge an appeal against the decision of Student Finance.

The form you may use for appealing is here:

If you are genuine, I am sure Student Finance will allow your appeal.

Hope this helps and good luck. Please leave feedback
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