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my brother asked me if he could give my address to a financial

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my brother asked me if he could give my address to a financial institution. I agreed. We never discussed it in detail. However i am concerned about this and having requested my brother to inform them of his correct address (abroad) but he has not. I suspect that it is a savings plan with a UK residence requirement.
If I write to the institution setting out the facts in confidence/on the condition that they honour that confidence and suggest that they undergo some residence checks - do they have to honour that confidence/condition?
Am I in trouble for allowing him to use my address?

My comments would be that you do not know for a fact that your brother is using your address for any wrongdoing and in any event, the financial instritution will probably not consider your letter due to the provisions of the Data Protection Act.

In any event, you are not liable or responsible for what your brother does without your knowledge and the fact that your address is being used could be for correspondence purposes.

You are not in trouble for allowing him to use your address as he could have used it without asking you as well.

You should simply not worry and not do anything other than to keep pushing your brother to use another address if you are not comfortable with him using it.

Hope this helps
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you for your answer. If I do as you suggest and continue to push my brother not to use my address, then do I meet the standard of behaving with honesty and integrity?

Yes, you do.

All the best, ***** ***** feedback
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have a mortage on a leasehold property. I am due to pay ground rent @8.50 per year. In june 2013 I sent the freeholder 6 years ground rent in advance.

last year I stil got a bill for 8.50 which I queried because I thought that I had paid in advance. My letter came back annotated that I had not paid in in advance. I left it.

in september this year I emailed them asking them to look into my advance payment.

on 2 october I received an invoice for ground rent dated 12 sep with payment due by 26/28 september, dates are approximate because I left the papers at work but my issue/concern is that the ground rent was already apparently late when I received the bill.

I was worried that this could mean that my landlord might think that I was late with the payment and possibly write to mortgage lenders. Therefore I paid the amount due on the same day. The next day I sent a letter by registered post to my landlord

saying that I had only received bill on 2 october and had paid the same day by BACS. I also sent them a copy of the envelope postmarked 30th september.

II also sent them copies of emails which should that I had paid in advance.

I therefore requested that they not regard the payment as being late and nit being due, I also asked them to let me know their position on this,

I also sent a copy of my letter and its enclosures to their registered office.

I hope that I had not appeared over officious but I was worried that I was apparently late with the payment and therefore I needed to do everything possible ti stop them from taking further action,

thank you, ***** ***** it is ok to ask question as I was told I had 7 days of free questions.

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