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Good morning : My legal husband is serving sentence and received

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Good morning : My legal husband is serving sentence and received a deportation form, we are not together but he uses my address as I'm his only next of kind , he wants me to fill up the form in the ground that we are legally married as I'm British by naturalisation but I'm so concerned abt doing this cuz I'm on low income, received part benefits and they are aware that I'm a lone parent , I'm worry that I submitted this deportation form in the ground of being married and information clashes if they do check with other gov bodies .Am I right to be so concern . what's your best advice .thanks in advance

If you are separated from your husband, you should not lie and say that you are living together as that is an immigration offence and the information will be shared with other government departments and you could have your benefits etc stopped.

Yes, you are right to be concerned and your naturalisation file could also be opened again to see if you were really of good character and your citizenship revoked.

I would advise you not to lie.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thanks it seems like a common sense questions what I asked you but I really want an expert to back me up cuz he's saying that this is a routine process they do to everyone that is convicted longer than 12 mnth but i told him even tho they will always check with other government bodies which is exactly what u confirm .thank for your help
welcome and good luck. I am not surprised he is saying what he is saying as he has nothing to lose while you have everything to lose.