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Ash, Solicitor
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I have received yesterday a notice from the Land Registry that

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I have received yesterday a notice from the Land Registry that I have been made Bankrupt and today a letter from something called the insolvency service naming a solicitor as my appointed trustee in bankruptcy.
I have not at any time been made aware of proceedings against me, what the debt is or who it is owed to.
What has happened to me?
Alex Watts :

Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.

Alex Watts :

Did you at any time owe a debt which has not been paid?

Alex Watts :

Have you ever had a statutory demand or bankruptcy petition?

Customer: In January of this year I had a letter from a company claiming that I had a debt that they were now in control of and the said they were asking for a statuary demand petition I contacted a solicitors firm and they asked for the details to be sent to them from this company, the company failed to do this even after being asked several times and I did not hear anything else from them
Alex Watts :

Did you apply to set aside the statutory demand?

Alex Watts :

Did you get the bankruptcy petition?

Customer: No as I never saw the demand only their first letter and as they never replied to the question for information about what the debt was or where it had come from I presumed that it had not happened
Alex Watts :

Did the Solicitors ever acknowledge any correspondence?

Customer: And I have never received a bankruptcy petition or any further correspondence from them
Customer: I did try to get an answer by phone but never got a reply from there answer phones
Alex Watts :

You said in January 2014 you had a letter from them. Did you ever WRITE to them?

Alex Watts :

If so, did they ever reply?

Customer: I phoned them at first and then the solicitors that I phoned sent them e mails but they never answered
Alex Watts :

Did you get a read receipt or delivery receipt for the emails?

Alex Watts :

Do you have any idea what the debt is for?

Alex Watts :

Have you moved in the last few years?

Alex Watts :

In January when you had the letter, was it sent to your current address?

Customer: The emails were sent by solicitors so I have no idea if it was receipted and the debt was if I remember somewhere around £ 8000
Customer: I have not moved and the letter was sent to this address
Customer: I did manage to get someone to answer the phone once and that was when I gave them the name of the solicitor who would be contacting them, After that when the failed to send the relevant information to him I presumed that it was all a con to try and get money out of me
Customer: The information that was requested from them included where the debt had come from and how it been calculated,
Alex Watts : Ok you need to apply to the court on Monday to annul the bankruptcy.
Alex Watts : You need to get the details from your local court and then apply to annul on the basis
Alex Watts : 1) You never had the stat demand
Alex Watts : 2) You never had the bankruptcy petition
Alex Watts : 3) You don't owe the debt
Alex Watts : The rules require that they take all reasonable steps to bring it to your attention. They have not.
Alex Watts : Therefore you can apply to annul it.
Alex Watts : That will remove the bankruptcy and all chagres
Alex Watts : You can find details of the court it was given in and details here
Alex Watts :
Alex Watts : Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?
Customer: No thanks, ***** ***** me a direction in which to go, thank you for your help
Alex Watts : Happy to help. Can I help with anything else today?
Customer: No that is all thanks again
Alex Watts : if you need more help please click reply
Alex Watts : Great. IF I could invite you to rate my answer before you go, the button should be at the bottom of the screen
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