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I own a propery which has my neighbours supply pipe running

through my house I have... Show More
through my house I have no control over this water supply and have concerns if the pipe leaks in my house that I have to pay for it. Although I have no proplem been responsibly for my own water supply and up keep I find it unfair that I have the added responsibility to up keep my be inputs supply pipe. Yourshire waters standing on this is I must ask my neighbour to reroute this pipe what are my legal rights to have this pipe removed from my property to prevent a leak I gave no control over. Surely Yorkshire water is responsible for supplying a house with water and have no legal right to use the inside of my property to get this supply to a customer there standing in this also saying it's my responsibility. ?
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LondonlawyerJ :

Hello, I am a solicitor with over 15 years experience. I will try to help you with this.

LondonlawyerJ :

You need to find out if your neighbour has an easement for the supply of water through your property. An easement is a right of use for a specific purpose over land owned by another. Your solicitor should have told you about all the easements affecting your property, alternatively if you look at your title register at the land registry this will list the easements affecting your property. This can be done on line at

Customer: My nieghbour has right of passing through my property for back exit from their house only was not informed of any easements regarding water supplies, as I am spending a lot of money on tanking my cellar out I don't want the added stress of not been in control of water or any possible leakage to my property and this would be an extra premium on my insurance at cost to me it is possible that these pipes where not originally in my property as they are if the new plastic type were do I go from here other than a costly law suit I feel I should not be put in as surely my survey and solicitors are put in place to prevent all this from happening