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If your wife is registered disabled(from Parkinsons Disease)

Customer Question

If your wife is registered disabled(from Parkinsons Disease) and is now unable to walk unless assisted by cares and a walker because of two hip operations and has to attend hospital by ambulance and other appointments by wheelchair taxi.
Is there any allowances available for road tax if husband exchanges his car for a car able to take a wheelchair car and then is able to take her to all the appointments required as well as social outings to see family and shopping.
Wife receives state pension and attendance allowance only
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  bigduckontax replied 3 years ago.
It is possible to obtain exemption from road fund tax in cases of disability. However, the following conditions apply:
'To apply for a free disabled tax disc, the vehicle must be either:
Registered in your [ie the disabled person's] name
Registered in the name of someone who only uses their vehicle to help you – for example, takes you shopping
You’ll need an exemption certificate to get your free disabled tax disc. You may be entitled to receive an exemption certificate if you’re receiving:
Disability Living Allowance – higher rate of the mobility component
War Pensioner’s Mobility Supplement.'
Now, if the car is used exclusively for these purposes then you might be successful in your application. This rather limits the use of your car.
Of course post 1 October 2014 there is no longer any requirement to display a tax disk.
So sorry to have to rain on your parade.