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A female business associate has left me owing me £6,500. She

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A female business associate has left me owing me £6,500. She has also wal;ked away with a relatively new lap top which I purchased for business use. I tried to reason with her and in every email headed the Subject. Pursuit of Lap top. I reported matter to police with 4 page statement but the officers were unable to make contact with her. I happened on her in the street and she screamed to a passer-by that I was a stalker. She contacted the Police and got an incident number. Week later I parked for a pre arranged business meeting at an office near her residence and again she got an incident number. I immediately contacted the officers involved with her and gave them copy of my 4 page statement. Officer assured me that if I tried to contact her again, he would lock me up.
I went home and sent complaint to duty sargent alleging I had been intimidated and complained how his officer had failed to act on the new information which I had furnished. Officer believed suspect that there never was any new lap top.
I had produced receipt from shop where we bought lap top, where we were known to the manager. A lap top repair man had returned the suspects repaired lap top and had seen that we now had a new lap top. Then I remembered how suspect had sent me message from Poland weeks before saying she was texting me because new lap top was still home here in UK. I sent suspect email with this statement saying I did not wish for her to get into trouble with Police. I sent copy to Duty Sargent who phoned to voice his "concern" that I had disobeyed his officers instructions. I pointed out his force had failed over ten days to make contact then I wrote letter of complaint to Area Police Commander. Matter now being investigated by their Professional Standards folk.Two days later original officers contact who now agrees she had use of new lap top but had given it back to me.
Police write my complaint off as civic matter but I fear if I try to trace suspect to new city I will be hit by "stalker" charge. Police suggested I send a lawyers letter but I can't get new address without" stalking"
Suspect quoted incident numbers to a solicitor who has warned me against harassment and what action he might take. I have given lawyer a resume of the events along with copy of my 4 page statement to Police. I bear absolutely no malice towards the suspect and I suspect she may have acted under some outside influence but if she is afraid to talk then I have to continue, or order others, to do some stalking to get an address in order to serve civil action. Thinking that threats of action were betting us nowhere I sent her a text yesterday saying I was between two cities if she should like to meet for a talk and a drink and that yesterday I was not pursuing goods or cash.
I have written to the duty sargent asking him to record the Police findings in this matter in case I run into similar problems in any other city but he refuses to reply.
I told the solicitor that I intend to continue in the pursuit of my money and lap top.
How do I get Police and lawyer to "back off?
Thank you for your question.
1. The police haven't dealt with your complaint properly. Your next stage if they don't do so is to send a report to the
Police Complaints and Review Commissioner for Scotland. See
2. As far as the civil matter is concerned you should be pro active rather than reactive and raise proceedings in the civil court yourself for delivery of the laptop and payment of the money. If her lawyer doesn't provide the address there are court procedures whereby you can have her cited in her absence which would have the practical effect of you getting a court order against her without her actually knowing it.
Happy to discuss further.
Please leave a positive response so that I am credited for my time.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Things have moved on after I sent your reply to the Police,the suspect and her solicitor. I got locked up and charged with "Stalking".

I have now sent the police a "News release" which I am publishing on www brian and asking the police to pass the matter on to their Professional Standards department by way of complaint.


Seeking someone smart and sexy to spice up his Outdoor Activity Centre at Bogbain Farm. Inverness businessman Brian MacGregor was put in touch with former glamour model Daria Auerman from Poland.

Their business relationship blossomed as they found they had much in common. Such as breast implants.Hers silicon. His, a pacemaker.

But the farmer's "living the dream"turned into a nightmare when he was recently shown a copy of a Sunday Sport advert saying:

Inverness sxy slim busty glamour model in/out call, and the farmer's Polish pet's phone number attached.

Challenged on this in/out activity, the sxy busty associate who had lived at 31c Grant St Inverness, fled from the Highlands along with some £6,500 of farmer's cash and a new lap top computer.

As Police failed to make any progress in contacting the suspect during the last ten days that she lived in Inverness, farmer pursued the matter himself until sxy busty reported him to the Police for "stalking" her and on 23rd October the farmer appears in Inverness Sheriff Court on a stalking charge.

Previously employed by the Masonic Movement, sxy busty boasts that she enjoys protection from prosecution by being protected by Masonic police officer clients.

Sxy busty has changed her name from the one used in farmer's emails, so the Police charge is under a different name.

Are the farmers civic rights to pursue someone for the return of his property being infringed?

Very satisfied with first expert's work but now require further counselling.

That seems to be the way of itat the moment with the police, to charge a male with stalking. You are correct to complain. I don't the think the PF will proceed with the charges and if they do you have a defence in that you were trying to recover what is yours which under the civil law you are entitled to do. It would be a strange way to deal with justice that you are prosecuted for trying to recover money that this person has run off with.
Nothing to stop you publishing any article you want as long as it's true and not defamatory.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes. I am glad to receive your reassurance.

Suppose I should send copy to Area Commander and ask him."Do you want this to go on?"

Yes. Also copy to the duty inspector.