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I have received an asbo letter from the council and a subsequent

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I have received an asbo letter from the council and a subsequent visit from theolice for putting a notice on my tree not to block my drive, as neighbour had builders for 8 months and then he gave police CCTV of apparently my water sprinkler going into their garden, They complained a note asking them to refrain their builders starting work atn6.30 to 7 most mornings and debris coming into my garden and my house paintwork bricks and conservatory splattered with render concrete daily bonfires burning. Demolition waste. I did not confront them or speak to them but they have told police I swore T them and builders, and are claiming harrasment , i have been to.d i would be arrested the next thing that happens Now the Police have obtained information on me from the council going back 10 years I did not give any permission for this, yes I have made complaints to the council regarding drains roads and did have a problems with. Neighbour some years ago Now the police are making out that I am problem
Thank you for your question. My name is ***** ***** I will try to help with this.
If your question is whether the police are entitled to obtain this information then I am afraid they are. This is a criminal investigation. The DPA does not restrict the police.
It must be said that it is a shame that nonsense like this leads to the wasting of police resources but unfortunately that is the type of twaddle people report. There isn't really much genuine crime in the UK. I have been a criminal hack for many years and I find it quite interesting that most crime amounts to stuff that happens to us all regularly and we just sort it out ourselves instead of reporting it.
However, the allegation is made against you. There is an adverse history with the local council. If they are further reports then I am afraid they will have to act.
Sorry if that is bad news.
Can I clarify anything for you?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Seems absolute madness to me that I could be arrested because these people choose to make something of nothing - water sprinkler going into their garden when they have a ranch style fence and I have to water my garden , I hD no idea until the policee came thatnit had happened. Calling it harassment Do I have to accept this or can I complain to the Police that they have taken this as a crime???? Which it certainly isnt , when the police visited I said that this man keep exposing himself at the bathroom window ( part of new extension ) and the windows are see through , they spoke to him about this and he chooses to do as he pleases in his bathroom and yet this is deemed as alright? He continues to do this. I'm really at a loss about this whole affair.
I certainly agree with that. Vexatious accusers cost this country a fortune.
Sadly there is no action that can be taken against the police. There are loads of human rights authorities to the effect that they must consider every complaint.
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