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I had two viewings of a flat arranged by an Estate Agent. I

Customer Question

I had two viewings of a flat arranged by an Estate Agent. I was asked to put up some funds to hold/remove from the market the property for me whilst I completed the mortgage arrangements. I advised the Estate Agent almost on a daily basis of the difficult progress I was have to conclude the mortgage arrangements. I was therefore horrified to receive an email from the Agent offering me that property as available and if I was interested in viewing and buying it. I immediately contacted the Agent for an explanation and was told that they did not think I was going to secure a mortgage. After a couple days they told me that I should pay them £650.00 for "marketing fees"! I repeatedly asked them to detail the "marketing expenses" that they had incurred on my behalf. I'd understood that marketing fees are paid by the vendor (seller).
I feel I'm being conned and I can't afford to pay them £650.00 for services that are not disclosed and it was not me who renaged on the service to seek their help to purchasing the property.
PLEASE help me. PLEASE advise the what options I have.
Joy Haukozi-Jones
*****@******.*** ***********
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Senior Partner replied 3 years ago.
HI thanks for your question. I rather agree that you are being conned. The agents acts for the vendor not the buyer. You should never pay them anything. I wonder if they are members of the ombudsman sc
You should never pay a deist other than through a solicitor subject to a legal binding arrangement. I wonder if these agents are members of the ombudsman scheme? Reputable agents are.
You do not say if you have paid them any obey . I hope not. If you have then demand it back and if they are members of the ombudsman scheme you should make a complaint. Otherwise speak to your local trading standards office.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks for your advice.

What is "ombudsman sc" and "obey" and "deist" ?


Expert:  Senior Partner replied 3 years ago.
Apologies some thing went wrong with the response. It was from a mobile deities. As I said the agents should be members of the ombudsman scheme.
It should have said never pay a deposit except through a solicitor.
It should also have read you not say if youi have paid them any money. I hope not but if you have you should take action.
Let me know if you want further guidance