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A neighbour borrowed my umbrella and brought it back in an

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A neighbour borrowed my umbrella and brought it back in an appalling state. Said she didn't notice but you'd have to be blind! Anyway she said to buy another and she would pay me back. Two and a half months later, I'm still waiting for the money. I've seen her on a couple of Saturdays and she hurries past saying 'i'll drop the money in tomorrow'. This has happened twicenow with no money forthcoming so I knocked on her door. She claimed to have lost her bank card but should have a new one by Thursday so she would drop the money off then. I gave her ten days then knocked on her door again to which she ignored for quite a while before answering. Again no bank card but said she will drop off when it was sorted. I challenged her on whether or not she was going to pay up to which she claimed she definitely would do. She has been avoiding me since this started so I feel she has no intention of paying. I am very angry and now it's more about revenge than the cost of the umbrella which is only £30(I bought a cheap one £30 which replaces the one she ruined which was a good one which would cost £105 to replace today). Would I have a case for the small claims court? I have no written or digital proof and only neighbours who have seen the state of the brolly and heard the story from me.
Many thanks
Hello Diane,

Yes, you do have a valid caseto bring in the small claims court.

I would suggest that you file a court claim online against her for 105 pounds at and add the court filing fee to the amount you wish to recover from her.

You should state that the neighbour has breached the agreement with you to repay you the money and you are now seeking to recover the cost of replacing your broken umbrella from her.

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