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Ash, Solicitor
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hi i am getting taken to court for solictors fees i had a service

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hi i am getting taken to court for solictors fees i had a service charge to pay but did not recieve invoice they say they sent it 3 times and then put £950 costs on top of servive charge, i dont live at property my son does and it is not in his interest not to pass invoice on as i pay it, i went to london as i live in north and while i was there i got post and there was invoice so i contacted them asd said this is first invoice i have received and would pay it as soon as i got home on monday as promised i did but they have then put me and my wife in court for there in house solicitors costs
i have always paid everything i owe anyone i have done nothing wrong and this is suposed to be a legal thing
Alex Watts : Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.
Alex Watts : For now please let me know whether you ever told them to send it to your address where you live?

they had my address when i bought property from them but they did not know my son was going to live there they say they sent letters we did not receive them


a;so it is shared house and post is just sent in one letter box for 6 propertys

Alex Watts : Do you have problems with other post going missing?
Alex Watts : Why did you not ask them to deliver to the address you were living at?

there has been mail which my son has not received i hgot last years service charge invoice and paid it straight away but never received this years give them my north east address they then sent me a bill to sunderland for subletting which i dont they then said it was second letter and would be putting costs on and i never got 1st letter

Alex Watts : How did you give them your new address, was it in writing please?

i told them over phone then confirmed it via email

Alex Watts : Do you still have that email?


Alex Watts : Do they say they sent it to your new address and property address?
Alex Watts : If you have the email you don't have to pay. Send them a copy of the email.
Alex Watts : Say you never received it and the onus is on them.
Alex Watts : They can try and take you to court, but for the value it would only be a small claim

they have said nothing just put us in court

Alex Watts : You can defend on the baiss of the email you sent which you have a copy informing them of your new addeas

yes but that email was sent after the service charge demand

Alex Watts : why did you not notify them earlier?

well i never thought i had to i bought property from them and they had all my details to complete deal then my son moved in and has been there since

Alex Watts : but he never passed on post to you?
Alex Watts : As you say it was nothing to do with him.

thats because he says nothing come it is not in his interest not to pass it on as he does not pay service charge i do

Alex Watts : Ok , does he open your mail?

all mail that goes there he opens

Alex Watts : ok and he says he never had it?
Alex Watts : is he willing to attend court for you?

i have to go to court as property is in my name and wifes

Alex Watts : yes but is he willing go to court, stand up and give evidence saying he did not get it?

yes that would not be a problem

Alex Watts : Ok then you can defend it.
Alex Watts : He is the key witness to say it was never received.


Alex Watts : He will have to give a formal statement and then go to court.
Alex Watts : But he is key.
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