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Hi, I had a web site built a couple of years ago for my small

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Hi, I had a web site built a couple of years ago for my small business. I'm a sole trader and thought it would help the profile of my business. The company who built the website approached me via the phone and told me they would build the website for £99. Since then I've paid out almost £2500. Part of this payment was to upgrade my website which they have done, but I was told that if I did agree to the payment my annual payments would be just £249. As I wanted to keep costs down in the future I agreed to this. This week they've contacted me again to say I need more work doing and I will also have to pay another £1000 each year on top of the £249. I suggested I may move to another company to host it on Google but they say they own the website and won't allow me to do this. I feel like just telling them to forget the website and asking another company to build one but I'm bothered I may fall into the same trap. Have you any advice?
Have you agreed to any terms and conditions with this company? If yes, what do they say about termination?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hi, I'm not sure, I will have a look tomorrow ( my day off) and let you know, regards ian.
Okay. I will wait for you to come back.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hi, if this helps you can look at the terms and conditions at Ian
Thanks Ian.
There is nothing in those terms about termination, so I would suggest that you contact the company and tell them you are terminating your custom with them with immediate effect and you should cancel all direct debits and standing orders with them.
You may ask them to confirm in writing eg by email that your contract is terminated and that you do not owe them anything.
All the best
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Can you tell me if I do own the web site or do the company who built it. Can I keep the website and have another company host it?
I am afraid you cannot do so without their consent, see below reproduction from their terms and conditions:

All information, both text and pictures supplied by the customer is copyrighted to the customer. All information, both text and pictures supplied by AMCS is copyright to AMCS. All website designs are also copyright of AMCS. All software created by AMCS is the whole owned copyright and intellectual property of AMCS. We reserve the right to place our or a 3rd party banner on any or all websites that we produce.

In the event that the customer cancels their subscription to AMCS, or requests a transfer away from AMCS, all information owned by the customer can be retained. However the website itself will be taken down from the world wide web. Any attempt to claim the Work of AMCS as their own by a current or former customer is in breach of AMCS's intellectual property rights and may result in legal action.

AMCS reserves the right to recycle design features, or whole designs from existing and former customers in any and all future website designs.

Hope this clarifies. Please leave feedback

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