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Good Evening,I would be grateful for your help.this is ongoing

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Good Evening,I would be grateful for your help.this is ongoing issue with insurance company which acts for my previuos accountant.letter of claim has been sent about one year claim was rejected,they asked for more clarifications and documents.
we have sent all documents required .we have taken Councle's advice on the merits of my claim which is favourable.
letter has been acknowledged by insurance company and we have received response from solicitors acting for them that they response will be available withinh 3 weeks.unfortunatelly time has gone,nearly 3 weeks after the date and we have not received solicitor has pressed for a reply but no changes.
he says there is nothing further can be done unless I am prepared to issue proceedings.
I am trully appalled at the behaviour of solicitors acting for insurance company but I cant belive that they have no responsibility to response to our letter.
Buachaill :

1. Every solicitor has an obligation to respond to correspondence within a reasonable time. Accordingly, it is a breach of professional conduct for the solicitor for the insurance company to fail to respond to the correspondence generated by your own solicitor. Normally, if you were complaining about your own solicitor, you would make a complaint to the Legal Ombudsman. But here, where you have not instructed the solicitor you are complaining about, you should make the complaint to the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Go to where you will find out details of how to make a complaint. You can get your own solicitor to write a letter on your behalf to the Solicitors Regulation Authority or you can do it yourself. However, you should make clear that you are complaining about the conduct of a solicitor you have not instructed in that you are complaining about the conduct of the insurance company's solicitor. Be aware that this is a very common complaint as failure to respond timeously to correspondence is the most often-cited complaint about solicitors. But you should still go ahead and make the complaint as it is likely you will get a quick response from the insurance company solicitor shortly afterwards.


thank you for your prompt response,but what dies " a reasonable time" mean.any time frames?

Buachaill :

2. The SRA defines a reasonable time as being 14 days. So if the solicitor for the insurance company said he would respond within 21 days, then you should give them another 14 days after the expiry of the 21 days ie 35 days and then you can make a successful complaint.


thank you very much


sorry to bother you but are we talking about working days?

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