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Basically i have some issues with Protect your I

Customer Question

Basically i have some issues with Protect your
I had a laptop with some damage to the screen but i could still see the screen. I took the laptop to the apple store and they said i just needed the screen to be replaced.
I then called my gadget insurance protect your bubble and filed a claim with them i paid the £70 excess fee and a courier came to collect my laptop from my girlfriends home address. They said the repair is estimated to take 5 days. More than 2 weeks later i have called them to ask where the laptop was and they said they were just waiting for some parts for apple but it was hard to get the parts but they should be there soon and couldn't give me a time scale for when the laptop was going to be repaired.
This morning i get a call from protect your bubble saying that my laptop was beyond repair and that they were going to send me a refurbished replacement laptop which i said no i do not want a replacement laptop. I asked them why my laptop was beyond repair as it only needed a new screen replaced and they changed their story of it being beyond repair to that it would cost more than the laptop itself to repair it. I asked them how much it would cost they said £1080 but i bought the laptop for £1149.60. I told them there is no way it can cost that much to repair the screen and they said also the main board was damaged as well. I know for a fact that when i sent them the laptop the main board wasn't damaged. I have asked them that they either fully repair my laptop and send it back to me or give me a cash settlement so i can buy a new one.
I then get a call from my girlfriend telling me that she has received a replacement laptop with my name on it almost 5 minutes after i finish the phone call.
I call back protect your bubble saying that why have they sent me this i told them no and the guy in the complaints department had no recollection of this and said maybe it was the hard drive from my old laptop the phone cut off and i rang back and spoke to another lady.
I told her that this all sounds too dodgy to me. They quickly ring me in the morning trying to get me to accept a replacement laptop knowing that one was already on the way to me. I asked them if i could have my old laptop returned to me and she said she can't guarantee as maybe it has been scrapped already as they deemed it beyond repair. So is it beyond repair or too costly to repair? Was i consulted about anything in this process? NO? Can i send my laptop for a screen repair and they decide it costs too much to repair so scrap my laptop and send me a refurbished laptop without ever consulting me first. What if i wanted my laptop back in the state they sent it to me and i repair it myself at that cost? I don't even have that option. It sounds to me like the collection driver or the repair centre themselves have either lost my laptop or damaged it further and are trying to just give me a replacement refurbished laptop. I have never bought a refurbished laptop or owned a refurbished laptop and nor do i want to start.
If they can't fully repair my laptop they should at least called me first before sending a refurbished one for delivery.
I basically want my old hard drive back and cash settlement for the full value of the laptop so i can purchase my own one brand new or send the one i sent to them fully repaired back to me.
also the laptop i sent to them had a case on it and this has not been sent back to me.
What shall i do ? I have spoken to the Financial Obudsman but shall i write a letter or email explaining what i want in full i have already a complaint with them thats over the phone
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  UKSolicitorJA replied 3 years ago.
I am sorry to hear about this.

You should start off by reporting this company to trading standards.

Secondly, they are in breach of an agreement made with you and you may sue them for the cost of a replacement laptop online at and hold on to the refurbished laptop as security pending payment by them.

Before you sue them, you should write a letter/email to them setting out exactly what you want and give them say 7 days to do it, if they do not sort it out within the 7 days period, then you may sue them for your money.

May I help further?