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Hello please can you offer some advice. I am a bathroom/interiors

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Hello please can you offer some advice.
I am a bathroom/interiors designer, fitter and have completed a project for a client who paid me for a bathroom renovation which he has stated he is more than happy with. He asked me to carry out additional minor works i.e to fit floating floor to a cupboard and decorate it to turn it into a walk-in wardrobe.
Following the install he has stated he is unhappily with the finish due to the apparent slant in the floor.
He briefed me at prior to carrying out the works that the area of flooring was to ideally meet the adjacent floor level (landing) and the layout of the wooden planks which I successfully achieved. During the install I was required to apply two thin layers of 3.5mm plywood to bring the new floor area level to the old one. He has flagged that he was unhappy due to there being a slant across part of the floor area. This is due to the existing substrate (joists and existing 18mm plywood on top of them) and not due what I would deem as fault of myself. As a sign of good faith I suggested he held back the money for materials and labour quoted for these works until he had chance to discuss with his wardrobe fitter as I recommended it could easily be over come by scribing the bottom kick board. Having let two wks lapse I contacted him to enquire his decision/progress and he has since threatened me with the cost of 3rd party installer totally over £900 when my outstanding bill is £240? and stating I should pay in 5days...
I have advised that my fair offer would be to remove the 2m2 of flooring and plywood layers free of charge to return it too its original state and credit him for the 2m2 of flooring as a gesture of goodwill if he does not wish to accept the works. But he has since stated he has since had the wardrobes fitted over it. Do I have a straight case to pursue this matter to be reimbursed as he has retained my works and progressed with his job. Although we had a very good relationship during the works he is stating he will not let me carry out the offer of works.
Please advise..

If he has retained your work, then you have a good case for reimbursement as you offered him the opportunity to restore the flooring to the same condition it was in before the slant and he has turned down your offer.

As such, I do not see why you should not be paid the 240 pounds owing to you.

I suggest you send him a written request to be paid your money within say 7 days failing which you may take legal action.

If he still fails to pay you, you may file a small claim online at for the money.

Hope this helps
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