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How do I get the High Court Judges to get gold of the records

Customer Question

How do I get the High Court Judges to get gold of the records of someone I firmly believe is being treated grossly unfairly and harmfully by the Probation Service for them to have a look at the course of events and comment?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ash replied 3 years ago.
Alex Watts : Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.
Alex Watts : Is this for judicial review peoceedings please?
JACUSTOMER-lfzhtqes- :

I am not sure. In fact I am floundering. A young friend of mine was found guilty of Perverting the Course of Justice. The term was twelve months, usually spent six months in an open institution and the rest of minimal probation. During the first detention in a Cat D prison (Thorn Cross) he was removed, without reason to a Cat D prison (Haverigg), all requests for information were unanswered. He was made subject to Cat B of MAPPA. Probation have repeatedly blocked all attempts at progress and have caused him to loose a new job. The general consensus is that they want him back in prison. All we can learn is that they are "acting on information received". He has not been tried nor found guilty of any sex crime in any form. The hostel he has to stay in is listed by the Government as one for dangerous criminals and sex offenders. We have sought the help of a solicitor and he is of the opinion that we have a case against the Police, however, we will have to deal with Probation and Social Services (who are telling people that he is a danger) ourselves at a later date. The police have informed him that he will never be rid of this situation for the rest of his life. No-one will give any information, reason or justification for their actions and no-one has brought about any further action against him (they cannot, there is nothing to bring!). I really feel that someone should be in a position to intervene and demand to see the records held by Probation and get them to justify their appalling actions against him.

Alex Watts : Have you complained to the Omnudsman yet please?
JACUSTOMER-lfzhtqes- :

No. In fact I am now barred from having any contact with my friend, a policy of probation! I do have a copy of the notification of the meeting of MAPPA which I have been trawling and although it does state that "someone" has expressed a concern that "he may be of danger to children" it does not say who, other than it originates in Probation and, further in the report clearly states "Not a danger to children". There is so much contradiction I really feel like throwing the lot in someones lap and demanding they find out who is making these allegations and call them to account. There cannot be any evidence, there is no evidence there is only the malevolent inference of someone which has brought all this dreadful and threatening situation about. I suppose what I want to know is what is there I can do to bring big guns to bear on the people making these false allegations and getting them to stand up and be accountable for their statements. It is as if there is a concerted vendetta being carried out by those in authority and both the police and probation are feeding off each other. I am desperately trying not to be paranoid about all this but it really does smack of something illegal to me. I know I will have to wait for the solicitor dealing with the case to bring matters to a head, but he will only tackle the police issue and has advised us to make arrangements for dealing with probation and social services separately. I feel I really need to nail the individuals responsible for all this threatening and mental anguish caused. The period of probation is due to expire in January of 2015 and I am sure that I will not be able to take any form of action, regrettably, until after then. But, what then? And what about now? I am sure I am trying to cram an awful lot in a short space of time and you must feel like I am throwing a mountain at you, but I am very concerned about my friend and his health and how much more he can take. If I can come up with some glimmer of a potential success against these people I can then get this information to him via his father. I hope this is making sense and I am not rambling, but I am getting desperate! Thanks.

Alex Watts : But why is it you want go fake action rather than your friend?