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my brother done a diy will when my father died without me and

Customer Question

my brother done a diy will when my father died without me and my sisters knowledge with my mother who died 10 days after my father, who was heavely sadative at the time because she was dying of pancreas cancer and was in a hospice, both died of cancer{different types} do we both have the right to all the paperwork regarding all information on what and how the money was divided as my brother was the execator of the will, as ive asked him for photo copys of all of the information and he does not want to give it to us? were do we stand as he just says he was executive of will and we should except what he has said and given us?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Buachaill replied 3 years ago.

1. Firstly, the residuary legatee has an automatic right to get a copy of the will. This is the person who is entitled to the residue of the will after all specific gifts have been made. Secondly, if your brother has admitted the will to probate, which it appears he has, given that you have got monies from the will, it is then a public documents as it will have been lodged in the General Register office in Leeds. Accordingly, you can get a copy yourself or get someone like a solicitor to get a copy for you. Because a will when admitted to probate is now a public document, then any member of the public, such as you, can see a copy of the will. You need to fill out a Form PA1S and send it to the Probate Registry Office in Leeds. Here is a link to an article telling you how to do it and where to send it. There is also a link to the Form PA1S.