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Buachaill, Barrister
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I have an apartment that I rent out in Leicester. The apartment

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I have an apartment that I rent out in Leicester. The apartment is part of a complex together with a number of other similar apartments. They are managed by a property management company (they look after the facility).
This company have been issuing incorrect statements, both claiming for costs which are not mine, and missing payments which have been made for their services (all made via wire transfer and easily traceable). I have written to them now on 3 occasions to address these issues but they ignore all correspondence. They continue to send statements demanding payment and adding in costs for potentially applying for country court summons and threatening to draw funds from my mortgage provider if I don't pay. Not only are they missing the payments I have made, but they are adding false costs to my account and threatening to take action against me if I don't pay them...I think I may need to take legal action against them as they appear to be professionally negligent and failing in their services to me. The behaviour almost looks like extortion, can you please advise.
Many thanks
Simon King
Buachaill :

1. Dear Simon, I would advise you to make a complaint to the Property Ombudsman. Since 1st October, 2014, all property management companies must be part of a disspute settlement process. This means they must sign up to the Property Ombudsman's services or a similar such service. It means you can deal with these matters, such as overcharging, incorrect accounts and failure to acknowledge payments without the expense of going to court. Go to where you will find out how to make a complaint. Be aware that the Property Ombudsman can issue binding directions to the Property Management company and they will be unable to ignore him/her as their ability to continue to trade will be interfered with. So ultimately, you will get satisfaction here.

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