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Matt Jones
Matt Jones, Solicitor
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I own a house in England

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I own a house in England jointly with my daughter . My daughter recently and I wish to transfer my 'half' to her. As She has no children can I put a 'tail' on the deeds so that the property or at least half of it reverts to me in the event of her demise
Matt Jones :

Hi i will try and help

Matt Jones :

there are a couple of ways that you could retain an interest in the property after the transfer

Matt Jones :

1) If you have lent your daughter money, or wish to retain a specific capital sum in the property after the transfer you could put a legal charge against the property (in other words a mortgage) and this would then be repaid if the property were sold or on her death

Matt Jones :

2) you could create a Trust so that the equity in the property is held on trust for you both in whatever shares you wanted (i.e 50/50, or 70/30) and the equity would be divided in those shares on sale or death

Matt Jones :

the actual property itself cant be transferred until she leaves it to you in a Will, but of course wills can be changed at any point. The above two examples protects the financial interest you may wish to retain

Matt Jones :

I hope this helps and if so please leave me positive feedback. You can always return later and ask any follow up questions.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Matt

Thanks for your reply which is most helpful

In my question i should have said my daughter married recently..

As of now her husband or herself have no children, an in the event of her death he(her husband) would be her sole beneficiary. If and when a child arrives (i e. my grandchild)then my problem would be solved, meanwhile is it possible for me to register a 'life interest' in the house. Currently neither I or my daughter live in the house, we both having our separate family homes.

I would appreciate your advice and thanks for your help.


Hi, a life interest can be created if you wish to receive the income (or part of it) from the property. This is an extension of the trust I mentioned in 2 above as you would need to ensure that you not only receive the income from the property, but also the capital in the event that it is sold. The slight downside of this is that it can complicate matters if the property is sold and you are, for example, mentally incapacitated. I would suggest you also do a lasting power of attorney at the same time.
I hope this helps further, and please ask any follow up questions if you need to.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Mat Jones

Are you just a 'SCAM'? You answered two questions which I paid for .

Now you are trying on a monthly basis to get money out of my account.

You will not succeed . Stop this practice now and put the money back that you took out of my account last month back


Hi I am just the expert, I don't manage the site and do NOT take any money directly from you. I will direct your issue to customer services.