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Succesfl Appeal against deportation

Customer Question

I successfully appealed deportation at first - tier tribunal. Was released on immigration bail and needed to sign to Police station once a week. Do I still need to answer the bail at police station? If yes, then when the immigration bail ends and whats is the procedure? Thank you

Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  UK_Lawyer replied 3 years ago.
Hi, thank you for your question, I will be happy to help you today.
Have the home office applied to appeal to the upper tier tribunal?
Is there still anything pending with the home office?
Kind regards
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


thanks for your reply.

HO appealed to the upper tier.

First -tier judge gave his desision on spot and told me I do not need to sign at the station anymore. So I haven't sign at police station since the wining (12/08/14), and just last week received the letter from enforcement telling me that I have missed signing on 16/10/14.

Yesterday I had hearing at upper - tier. I have made an enquiry about that - neither HO representative or judge couldn't answer.

There no other contact number of UKBA/HO except fax on the letter.

Expert:  UK_Lawyer replied 3 years ago.
Thank you for your detailed reply.
It seems that at this moment in time your main concern is whether the judge at the Upper-tier allows the appeal or not, because you should ideally not require to apply for bail if your appeal is granted in your favour. The only time that a bail application is required is if you have something pending with the home office.
Usually if the home office have appealed and you are on bail then the home office would expect you to keep signing in, but as the judge did state correctly because your appeal was allowed the decision was made in your favour you no longer needed to sign with the home office. Now that they appealed you need to wait until a decision is made on the appeal. You do not need to sign in or do anything once your bail has expired.
If a decision is made in your favour then you do not need to do anything and a visa will be issued. If the decision is made against you then you need to either appeal or reapply. It would then be up to the home office to issue deportation proceedings should they feel it necessary, you should receive a letter from then if they wish to deport you, they usually ask you to contact then using a number so the can organise your removal to the UK. Should you not reply to the letter you would then be on the absconders list and will be detained by the home office and forcefully removed if caught.
I hope this answers your question. If however you feel that the answer does not cover all the points raised in your question please do not hesitate to ask further questions until you are satisfied with my answer.
Kind regards
Expert:  UK_Lawyer replied 3 years ago.
I hope this answers your question, if so kindly provide a rating so I can get credited for my time.
Kind regards