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Hi I am looking for information regarding a fraud payment I

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Hi I am looking for information regarding a fraud payment I made.
I recently thought I bought a car from an advertisement on Gumtree and a payment was arranged through what I thought was PayPal , but it turned out to be a fraud PayPal email and receipt and the payment of £4000 I sent through a bank transfer into what I thought was a PayPal account turned out to be all fraud. All the information regarding the case is in the hands of the fraud department and was also reported to the police with little hope of recovering my payment, since the funds were sent through a bank transfer the bank takes no responsibility and since it was a fraud Paypal payment ,Paypal are taking no responsibility ,so I was wondering if I take out a small claims against Paypal weather it would likely get a positive result in some form of Payment or would I just be wasting even more of my money.?
LondonlawyerJ :

hello. I am a solicitor with over 15 years experience. I will try tp help you with this,

LondonlawyerJ :

If you did not use Paypal and it was a fraudster pretending to be paypal then you would probably not be able to make any claim against Paypal.


Thanks you basically just confirmed what I thought , so assume there's nothing you can suggest that I try ,to get some off my funds back? As it seems everyone is getting screwed over by fraudsters but no one being held accountable ,I've been a PayPal user for over 10 year and Ive never received any emails regarding theses fraudster's .

LondonlawyerJ :

Sorry to hear that but by reporting it to the police you have done all you can really. I would be grateful if you would rate my answer as if you do not I will not get paid for helping you.

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