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hello need advised for immigration matter .i applied for

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hello need advised for immigration matter .i applied for the teir 1 entreprenuer route form tier 4 through venture capital and my wife have two business in uk ,has all the wesite and business premises all that and i did apply on the basis for new branch to support my wife business because am tier 4 catagory so i take venture capital they agree for 33 % share for the new business and they agree after my entreprenuer visa issue they will release fund through their accountant and i invite me ask for interview which goes well thet coment on interview is creditable at interview , after this i got suprise result which i got refusal and at that i have still 1 year tier 4 visa left am going college resugalar and attend college with good grade result apart form that they have refuse my tier 1 giving point not creditable and viable for business and not in genuine for run the business and they also destory my BPR and ask to appeal or left the country with in 28 days so i went to immrtation barrister and we went for appeal got the appeal date which is after 6 months form appleal so during that time my barrister ready for bundle to subbmit all that and my barrister ask me to get support letter form the venture company and all veture write the letter to the frist tribunal saying about their fund procress so after that my barrister is not happy form the venture company letter he advise me to to ask venture people to attaned in the court hearing ,which refuse to attend at court form venture comapany then my barrister advise and also find out that we have not right to appeal because we still have vaild leave to remain so we dont need to appeal my barrster explain all the legal point to HO and request for my valid BPR card back and document with remain valid visa so after that HO office agreed and they re issue my BPR FORM july send the BPR BACK but now still they haven't send back my passport and document till today days so my barriser send three letter to HO request for the passport back to my case worker but all they send is certified copy of passport now i have third degree BA honor now i have two months visa left and looking for uni /college master but i need passport for this but HO holding my passport without any reason now i find out form internet that the ventutre company which i use for funding for tier 1 look like that company is doing or issue fraud letter form the company which so many victim people are suffer from this venture company which is victim people are saying they are fraud company so am worried because of this HO office holding my passport and document ,may be investigate about this venture and they are holding my docuement relate to my previous appliaction through this venture ,so now am totaly devastate form this ,i became total victim from this issue and and my wife and two geniune business in the market and runing very well after employing 4 full time staff and because of this i dont want to close my wife business because she is dependent on my visa so i dont know what to .HO is not saying any this why they are holding my document like this and dont what will be their repsonse ... advised will be very helpful still wating for answer

Hi, thank you for your question, I will be happy to help you today.
Could you please clearly state what you would like to know?
Kind regards
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

hello as i state the venture company which i use for tier 1 appliatiocn came with fraud company which i didnt know at that time so now i found out so what i have do my document still with home office .and got my BPR back so do they gone deported me on the basic of that venture company fraud . its been year they once apply they havent send the my document back so what i need to do .

Thank you for your reply.
Was the refusal based on the fact that the documents submitted were fraudulent?
Was there any evidence of the documents submitted being fake?
Kind regards
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

no they havent refusal on the based on the fact the document is fake they refusal on the fact of creditabily and viability . but they gave my BPR BACK after refusal but they still havent send my document like passport all that so i found out now that the venture is fraud company so is this wiil the issue to HO not returning my docuement , my barrister send three letter form last three months even not good response for the reason holding passport return procures

Thank you for your reply.
I agree with you the home office should not keep your passport if they have returned your BRP due to the fact that you already have a leave to remain in the UK at the time of your refusal.
The fact that they have kept your passport could be for a number of reasons ie the department detailing with your application has lost your passport, they are just delayed due to the fact they are very busy. However, in either case they should return your passport, they have not followed correct procedure by keeping hold of your passport regardless of the fact whether the venture capital firm was fraudulent or not. The fact that you visa application was not refused to the fact the the firm was fraudulent means that the home office would not have pre-planned this and are not retaining your passport in order to deport you from the UK.
All you can do is keep contacting them to obtain your passport and then if they do not then you can when applying for another visa state that you were unable to submit your passport of undertake your duties as a tier 4 student due to the home office withholding your passport for no reason what so ever.
I would recommend that you write a letter explain the importance of them returning your passport and if they do not return the passport prior to the expiry of your visa then submit another application and explain to them why you are unable to submit the passport with the application and the issues you had by not having your original passport with you during your tier 4 visa. Its the home office's fault and you need to make them aware of it.
I hope this answers your question. If however you feel that the answer does not cover all the points raised in your question please do not hesitate to ask further questions until you are satisfied with my answer.
Kind regards
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

good excellent