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I am Nigerian. My country has been declared ebola free. When

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I am Nigerian. My country has been declared ebola free. When it was active, there were several big notices that said 'all Nigerian pupils must go straight to the health centre', fair enough although we get tested 2 times before we leave our country by air. Nigeria has been declared ebola free for over two weeks now. When i got back to school, there was notices up for Nigerian pupils. However i learned a week ago that America and Spain have ebola. I expected a notice for them but nothing. I find this discriminating and to top it all off the day after i at night time i was asked to go to the health centre to get tested with the rest of the Nigerians. I also learned that no spanish or American pupils were asked to be tested. I see this to be a discriminating, racial attack. I was also asked by the lady(nurse) whether i have been in contact with (anyone), yeah because I'm going to keep my distance from my family. seriously? then she rudely rephrased anyone with ebola- and i said no. If they really cared about the rest of the students, they would have done the test as soon as i arrived which they were aware of ahead of time. I do not have ebola by the way. Can i sue my school or take any legal action? thank you
Thank you for your question.
My name is ***** ***** I will do my best to help you
I am sorry but the comparisons that you make will not hold up.
Whilst there have been cases in America and Spain they were (despite the press attention) isolated and contained - and traceable.
I appreciate that your country as been declared Ebola Free - but that is a recent development and I am afraid that the school cannot be criticised for still taking precautions AT THIS POINT.
Indeed if they did not do so and there was a case then they would be seen as negligent.
I am sorry but in this case the actions being taken are proportionate to the potential risks - if somewhat over cautious
Please ask if you need further details
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