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I am on a tier 4 student visa-UAE national / Female 34

Customer Question

I am on a tier 4 student visa and have been on this visa since 2005. (I did a masters, and then a PHD) I registered with the overseas records office when I first entered the country in 2005, and then let my local police station know when I changed address. I was totally unaware I was meant to re-register with the overseas records office/police every single time a new visa was issued/ extended. I assumed as I had not left the country permanently (only for research and holidays) that nothing needed to be done. I was asked 2 weeks ago to produce my police registration certificated at eurostar immigration. When i did the officer pointed out why it was from 2005, and whether I had re-registered for all my visa extensions/new stickers. I explained I hadnt and he told me I was in breach of the immigration law and to go straight to the police to register...I panicked, contacted the overseas records office and they have given me an appointment for next week. I am very worried about the consequences of this oversight on my part, but in my defence the writing stating I need to register with the police on my visa is tiny (I noticed it when the officer pointed to it)...also every time I asked to extend my visa for my course, the extension was granted and there were no issues with the home 10 years I was not asked to reproduce the police registration until 2 weeks there anything I can do to avoid being penalised? Also, how am I likely to be penalised? Thank you

Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  UKSolicitorJA replied 3 years ago.

It is an offence under the Immigration Act 1971 for failing to register with the Police. It is your duty to have registered with the Police.

However, if you register now, you will not be penalised and it is unlikely that you will be penalised in the future. Your extension applications should have been refused as you had failed to register but as they were granted, you have nothing to worry about if you register now.

Hope this helps.