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I joined Cooperative energy (Which Best Buy) in July 2012,

Customer Question

I joined Cooperative energy (Which Best Buy) in July 2012, monthly direct debit, dual fuel.Their'Your Direct Debit Review' letter, 22/06/2013 promises the ensure 'you do not build up an excessive credit or debit balance on your energy account'. Their first DD estimate was £46.33, a ridiculously low amount which I immediately challenged, and this was then assessed at £74.04 per month. After a year a debt of £852.69 had built up, but they sent me a letter confirming that £74.04 was the correct DD amount and they were happy for that to continue, even though their Annual Electricity and Gas summary showed this to be wrong. I immediately phoned them to ask for a correct DD amount to take into account this underpayment, and £123.40 was given. In August 2014 this debt had increased but they were still happy for £123.40 to continue. I no longer have faith in them to manage my account correctly and wish to switch to Sainsbury's energy, but can't do this until the debt (now £971.04, less £75.00 'goodwill gesture', their fault accepted) is paid. I am a widow on a pension and I think this treatment is totally unfair. Had I not flagged up this debt, it would appear it would have continued. What rights do I have?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  UKSolicitorJA replied 3 years ago.
Sorry to hear this.
I would suggest that you now lodge a formal complaint with the Energy Ombudsman to investigate this issue for you and decide whether or not you have to pay anything and if so, how much.
See here for how to lodge your complaint:
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