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how can i recover my money from SYCAMORE OPTIONS who took out

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how can i recover my money from SYCAMORE OPTIONS who took out 200 in one day in may and another 49 pounds a few days later
Hi Thanks for your question. Can you tell me what you paid them for and how did you pay them? Credit Card for example?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

i paid them to provide me with a service ie winning trades at least a decent % of winners to keep me in profit and i had signed up through an outfit called day time profits probably one and the same but yes after a few weeks they stopped giving out trades which effectively stopped because quite honestly i knew nothing about trading and as i knew nothing about the game i stopped trading for a while only to find to my horrow when i checked my account balance it was zero and the reason insufficient trading obviously this whole thing was a rouse to get my money please ask for any more information and i will do my best to supply it jack

How did you pay them?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

i unfortunately paid them by VISA DEBIT jack

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

i paid them unfortunately by visa debit jack

Hi Jack
Have you contacted Visa. they do have a voluntary claw back scheme.
you should also contact your bank because if you have given you debt card details to these people they can keep coming back and taking money form you.
It is too late now but never use debit cards online. Use a credit card if you have one or get a prepay card or use paypal.
I had a look at this website and it does not give any geographical address and only quotes telephone numbers in Bulgaria. They appear to be wholly unregulated so you have no recourse to the financial services scheme.
So to be honest I think you stand no chance of getting your money back unless you can get Visa to help. I would also report them to action fraud -the government website
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