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I went into Cashconverters in Bedford, U.K today to sell some

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I went into Cashconverters in Bedford, U.K today to sell some of my photographic equipment. I had been into the same store earlier this week to obtain a quote at which point I was told I needed to set up an account to be able to sell to Cashconverters. To be able to set up the account I needed a form of photo I.D and proof of address. Today I took my passport and a bank statement.
At the beginning of the process I was asked how much I was quoted and the various examinations of the equipment took place. My I.D was then examined and a photograph was taken of me so as to be able to set up the account. No transaction had actually taken place at this point and no information had been given to me regarding the storage of my details within their system with regards ***** ***** account, that I needed to sell the equipment to them.
I asked before I went through with the transaction at this point about how I would go about deleting my account from their system should I feel to do that for which I received the answer that I could not delete my account and that my details would remain on their system to all intents and purposes indefinitely. I questioned this and asked as to why I wasn't offered this information freely prior to taking my photograph and also if this was the case I wanted to be given a document that stated this in "terms" and offered me the opportunity to read those terms and give my express permission to those terms and for the storage of details by signing to it. I was denied this request and I was told that this was not how Cash converters operated their policy and the only option was to simply not use the shop. I feel that this isn't right and possibly not legal. Surely I should be given the right to be able to have my details taken off of their system if I so desire?
Could you advise,
***** *****
Thank you for your question.
Cash converters are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and as such have to comply with money laundering regulations. Because of this, they have to keep evidence of identification of their clients on file in the same way as lawyers, accountants and banks do, to name just a few. For that reason, they will ask you for that information and they will not delete it from their records if you proceed with a transaction.
They are subject to audit and require to retain client information on file.
I hope this helps.
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