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hello. I am a Solicitor with almost 40 years experiance in

Customer Question

hello. I am a Solicitor with almost 40 years experiance in the property world I have run a branch office for my firm and also been the chairman of the whole firmWe are are now a LLP company.
At the beginning of October i started to feel unwell with depression and more importantly anxiety and confidence issues
I am 66 and last year all my partners voted that not withstanding the terms of our partnership agreement I should be allowed to continue sine dei as I am one of the highest fee earners
I am a conveyancer and there is no one wanting to jump into dead Mans shoes or replace me and anyway I have a 40 years rep in East Lothian
I have looked at the recent cases and am confused. I want to get back to work and retire at 75 My partners want me to agree to retire next May which is the end of our financial year. They have made spurious allegations about my conduct which I want even bother you with unless you think I should but it's all anonymous and rubbish.please note second highest fee earner in my firm.
While I was ill some of our management board came to se me with reassurances and I me t with them the followiwing wee to be told resign o r be resigned. If I resign it's the end I prefer to refuse and Sue them but can yo advise me
Suspect this is a hard one so take your time. If the way forward is for counsels advice can you recommend
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  JGM replied 3 years ago.
Thank you for your question.
I am a Scots solicitor with a background in commercial itigation and contracts so I should be able to help you with this?
Can you give me the broad provisions of your LLP/partnership agreement as regards
1. Retirement
2. Expulsion
3. Illness?
Have you now recovered from your illness?
What cases have confused you?