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About 7 months ago I was doing my job reading gas and electric

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About 7 months ago I was doing my job reading gas and electric meters and went to an office to read the meter. There was no -one at reception so I asked at the office door on the ground floor if she knew the whereabouts of the meter (this turned out to be a children's nursery) and she said it was upstairs. So I went upstairs and asked someone who was about to show me where it was when a very angry lady walked up and started saying "why did you just walk in here?" and "there are children downstairs" and she was very disparaging. Anyway I read the meter and left and had to report the incident to my boss. It was very humiliating and I felt angry as I was trying to ascertain and evaluate the situation as normal - I have Asperger Syndrome. I got so angry that several times after I called the place and just pressed random numbers on my mobile phone then hung up witholding my number. I feel it is revenge and fair for being shouted at and treated with contempt and suspicion when all I want to do is be professional at my job. But now I just thought - was it an offence what I did? I did it about 6 times in the space of 6 months and only when I got angry thinking about it. I never said anything over the phone, just pressed random keys to make bleeping noises to get my anger out: I had to exorcise my inferiority complex about it. I'm not going to do it anymore as I just thought it might have been harassment and illegal but that lady was harassing me in my view. Any advice is appreciated
You appear to have engaged in harassment which is both a civil and criminal matter.
S. 2 offence of harassment under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 is defined as a course of conduct which amounts to the harassment of another which the defendant knows or ought to know amounts to harassment.
The lady who accosted you did it only the one time and so it would not amount to harassment as harassment involves at least 2 incidents. Your repeated silent calls can be said to be a course of conduct which amounted to harassment.
There is a 6 months limitation period for a S. 2 offence I.e. If no action is taken against you within 6 months of your last silent call, you are fine now as long as you do not repeat the calls.
Hope this helps
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