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We need a Lawyer that is specialized in Trade cases . As we

Customer Question

We need a Lawyer that is specialized in Trade cases . As we need to raise a case against a company based in the uk .. Please help
We are a company based in Yemen and we have been the sole- distributor for one of the medical companies based in uk for around 30 years and after 30 years this company changed the management team and the new managers have deliberately breached our agreement and made another sole distribution agreement with one of the Yemeni local companies without even caring about our agreement with them that was on for more than 30 years . We tried many times contacting the British company to at least ask about this out of line action they took , but they always ignored our emails and even hang up the line when contacting them by phone .
The reason we would like to raise the case against them in the UK is that one of the clauses in our agreement with them says that if both parties faced any conflicts between each other it should be sorted out inside the UK ( the country of the supplier ) and according to the uk assigned trade laws and regulations .
Frankly speaking we don't know much about the UK trade laws and regulations . This is why we need to agree with a specialized lawyer in the UK to raise the case until the end and ofcourse we shall be ok with the payment method and procedure preferred by the assigned lawyer .
However , please kindly note that before we start raising the case officially we need to have a specialized lawyer to consult us and we will explain all the details to them first to know what our chances are in raising the case . We shall be ok with the fees needed in all cases .
Thanks and hope yup can assist us .
Ayad Mohammed / Marketing Manager
Mobile : 00967-733333381
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Nicola-mod replied 3 years ago.
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