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I am being harassed by a debt collection agency Fredrickson

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I am being harassed by a debt collection agency Fredrickson International, I had a problem with debt some 14 years ago and entered into an IVA to make settlement. After being made redundant and struggling to make the payments we offered to sell our home and make a one off settlement which was accepted and we eventually received notification that the matter was satisfied. For 12 years now we have never defaulted or made a late payment on anything, I therefore do not believe I am endebted to anyone and certainly nobody has written to me to demand any payment. Do I need to respond to the demand to contact Fredrickson International or can I ignore them.
Hi, welcome to the site. My name is ***** ***** I will help you with your question. Can you please tell me do you understand that the debt to these people was included within the IVA and if so, was the IVA concluded successfully?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes the IVA was concluded successfully 12 years ago and I have never before heard of Fredrickson international.

Ok, thanks for the information.
This was clearly a long time ago and it would appear the debt is statute barred in any event. If you are able to contact the supervisor of the IVA or his firm and ask them to deal with this. If they do not have any papers you could write to them and ask for details of the alleged debt and on what basis they claim they are entitled to recover it from you after all these years.
You could ignore them but they could try and commence legal proceedings against you and you will have the hassle of dealing with that. If they persist in bothering you however speak to the financial conduct authority and tell them you are being harassed by them. They should deal with it from there on in.
Have a look at the link - it's a sample letter you could send to the agency to stop them bothering you.
I hope this helps.
Sorry, here's the link
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