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Trying to find the right type lawyer that can help with the

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Trying to find the right type lawyer that can help with the following issue:
my son accidentally injured a colleague at university 6 months ago and broke her tooth. We have paid 0ver £1000 in treatment and she has now come back requiring further dental treatment such as implants etc. We have agreed to pay the next part of this however, she has at the same time sent email alleging malicious assault and has defamed his character in some emails to me. The uni has advised legal advice but I am having a problem getting the right kind of lawyer interested. I would like someone who could write to her and draw a line under this after the treatment is paid and assurance from her that she will not keep coming back for more. This is complicated by the fact the were doing their LLB from they have now graduated and my son is now studying the LPC. She is no longer there.

This is an online Q&A site, not a law firm. There is no one here who can write a letter as requested. Do you have a legal query?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes! My question was what branch of law or what type of law firm should I contact in order to have them review the case and be able to write communications to this person who is demanding more money for further treatment and is defaming my sons reputation. In other words how do we end this?

I would suggest that you speak to a few high street solicitors to see if they are able to represent you. They need to write a letter saying whatever money is now to be paid is in full and final settlement of any further claim and that no further contact should be made with your son about this.
This is a general legal issue in the same way a GP would deal with a general medical issue.
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