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Hello I paid a £60 deposit for a friends hotel room ( in addition

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I paid a £60 deposit for a friends hotel room ( in addition to my own)- but her husband was ill the previous day and she didn't cancel the room.
The hotel initially sent both bookings to my e mail ( I thought they were duplicates and it was only evident later that one was for her- they never asked for her address just mine. She has told the hotel that because she wasn't made aware of the terms and conditions that she will not be paying.
The hotel want me to pay because I paid the deposit and didn't forward the e mail to her. Do I have to pay?
Thank you for your question.
Did you tell the hotel at the time of the booking that you were acting on behalf of your friend and did you tell the hotel her name.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes I did on both counts. ( the two e mail confirmations were exactly the same apart from one had her name at the bottom). They didn't ask for her address or e mail address.

As there were two bookings as opposed to one booking for two people, it can be argued that you were acting for your friend as an agent. As her identity was disclosed to the hotel, you can't be pursued for her contractual liability.
Technically it was for you to give her the terms and conditions of booking, but that is a matter between you and her and doesn't affect the fact that there is a contract between her and the hotel via you as the agent.
The hotel's redress is against her and not you. An agent for a disclosed principal is not responsible for the principal's obligations.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks for the information- but- they have my Visa details ( because I paid the deposits) Is it illegal for them to take the £164 without my verbal permission?

They cannot do so unless you have authorised the transaction.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Right thanks but just before you go and I loose the info here am I right in saying the same info has been e mailed to me? ( so that I can have another look at it )

I don't know. Certainly your messages to me are emailed to me as well so I would presume so.
You can always log into your account to see the Q and A thread so you shouldn't lose it.